Midi Translator: Some feature requests

Hi, there are some features that I would love to see added to Midi Translator Pro.
I think all of these would be an improvement on MTP, but of course, some should be easy to integrate, others probably require a lot of work. So I devided them into 2 groups.

The easy:

  • Reserve space for, or move under input box, the invalid midi message error when typing raw midi messages.
    The jumping up and down of the GUI gets visually distracting real quick when editing long messages.
  • Bigger ‘select preset by name’ box in incoming/outgoing preset actions.
    At least as big as the timer select box, but preferably resizes with sidebar width.
  • Option to group repeating messages in the log, replace:
    ##: ‘message’
    ##-##(‘message count’): ‘message’
    Same principle for the midi capture box.
  • Display Pitch values in both integer and bipolar values in midi capture box.
  • Option to display known midi messages in log(midi in, midi out) with full name, the same as in the midi capture box.
  • Different color for invalid rules/errors(the black lettering on the red background is basically unreadable on windows 7, win 10 looks perfect).
  • Option for wider scroll bars(especially the global scroll bar in the right side editor).
  • Outgoing action: Preset, Deactivate all presets (except for always active), with option to exclude current preset.
    This requires a blank preset and an extra translator to point to the current preset as it is now.
  • Outgoing action: Preset, Deactivate current preset.

The not so easy:

  • Delay incoming action option so rules don’t get applied before that. This would save a lot of custom timers.
  • Virtual entry & exit points in the device selection. / Virtual midi cables inside project. / Routing between different presets.
  • Grouping aliases or group devices into one alias.
  • Editing multiple translators at the same time.
    This would be especially handy when you want to change the incoming message channel for a whole list of translators.
    On changing a value, a warning popup could be given when not all selected translators had the same value to begin with.
    Suggestion: Current selection contains unique translator settings(“section name”), continue?

I hope some of these make it into a future version.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I will pass them along.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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