Midi Translator with SQ5 - using MIDI controller CC as sends on fader control for SQ5


I am currently using Korg NanoKontrol studio units (a basic midi controller with 8 faders) to control the sends on fader mixes on a Behringer X32 (this is so that a touring band has the ability to mix their own monitors without the use of a screen). We now need a higher channel count and will likely switch over to the Allen and Heath SQ5 and want to accomplish the same thing! It appears to me that translating the cc messages off the Korg NanoKontrol units into fader levels in the SQ5 should be possible using a BomeBox and Midi Translator - I am just looking to confirm that this would be possible and figure out the nitty gritty of what other hardware would be required here to run up to 4 different Korg NanoKontrol units at once - each one controlling a different band member’s mix.

If anyone has experience with something like this it would be super helpful to feel more confident before purchasing these things! I have read through the manuals and watched a bunch of tutorial videos - but most of the examples I see tend to be more of using external midi devices to do program change stuff such as changing scenes on the Allen and Heath.

Ive spoken to Allen and Heath about this and they suggested that the BomeBox would be a great solution to getting midi cc into the Allen and Heath console - I just want to be sure that manipulating these particular parameters would be accomplished with the box/software combo and am struggling based on the documentation i’m finding to triple confirm this.

Thank you!

Yes this should work.

You would need

  • SQ5
  • BomeBox
  • Bome MIDI Translator Pro
  • 4 port powered USB Hub (for connecting your 4 NanaKontrol devices
  • Recommended - POE adapter for powering BomeBox. I recommend this as it provides for a cable locking mechanism and makes it less vunerable to mistakenly disconnecting the power cable.
  • Other network iterface CAT5 cable to go between your BomeBox and the SQ5 (or to a router. Note also that the BomeBox itself can also act as a router if you would like.

Once you get your configuration ready, I can send you an example file on how to get a few faders working. I don’t have an SQ5 but there is another user on our forum that does. I would primarily use the documentation to write the translator(s) (and hope I’m reading the documentation correctly.

Steve Caldwell
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Thank you so much for the quick response!

  • Which port would the hub connect to on the bome box just for reference?

  • Is the POE adapter for power something sold through you guys?

  • In terms of network - we currently use an older Apple Airport with reserved IP addresses for the main laptop, backup laptop, other MIDI devices, iPad with console control, etc - so the best thing for this configuration would be to retain that - meaning go out of the network port of the SQ5 into the Apple router - in this case would it be possible to simply have another CAT5 cable go from the router into the bome box?

  • In terms of writing the correct translator in the software - i see that there are corresponding hex words/letters (I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about here TBH) for inputs/levels going to auxes - so it clearly would be a possibility! I guess that will be the fun part is me being a MIDI novice and trying to figure out how to get the NanoKontrol devices to talk to the SQ5 in the way im imagining.

This is SUPER helpful though and seems like enough for me to feel confident that it could 100% work with the right configuration/hardware!

There is a single USB type A connector on the BomeBox. Use that.

There used to be but I don’t think so any more as you could buy one for less cost at many retailers. I got mine from Amazon.com.

This should work if your AirPort provides DHCP address. By default the ethernet port on the BomeBox is a DCHP client.

I could provide some simple examples for free and you could probably take it from there. Otherwise I’m available as a private consultant for a fee. Reach out to me via private message or email if you are interested.

We have another user that has set up their APC-MINI with functions that control an SQ5, so my confidence level is high

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Zach Rosenberg,

I’m using to control my SQ via an Icon Platform M+ 8 fader DAW controller. Works very very well!

Have a look here:

I programmed also Faderflip for the Faderwing, and many other things,
But the limit is the Midi protocol of the SQ.
It allows only to control volumes, pan, mute and assign. That’s a bit frustrating.

For your project the Bomebox is the correct tool to work with!

The Nano Control do not have Motor-Faders.
How do you manage the high channel count?

What’s your idea?

Greetings from Austria,

This is true, so unless you have something the monitors the current fader value of the SQ, and logic in MT Pro to allow (take-up), then faders could jump if they have changed on the SQ after changing them with the nanoKontrol.

I imagine since he will be using 3 nanoKontrols, each musician will have their own set of mix channels and each device would only address those that are part of that musician’s mix. So essentially each musician, has only their up-to eight tracks wot work with.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

This is super helpful! The type A will work, and it sounds like a POE thing should be doable as well. I think the AirPort has the ability to provide a DHCP

Thats awesome! Very reassuring to know fader control can work.

For me I actually need something even simpler - the musicians literally just need to have the sends on fader essentially pulled up on the NanoKontrol units at all times - NEVER anything else. As long as I can define “___ channel going to ___ mix” on each midi fader of each unit - I am good to go.

No motorized faders needed - because as long as the faders on NanoKontrol talk to the SQ sends on fader - the moves the musicians make on the NanoKontrol units will take precedence and over ride whatever settings existed on the SQ. My strategy is to power on SQ with all NanoKontrol faders down and pull up each musicians mix from a saved show file/scene on an ipad - then go around to each NanoKontrol unit and ensure each fader goes to the place where its level matches what is stored in the scene. This all happens before they go on stage - and from there on out whatever they do on the NanoKontrol fader is reflected in SQ and no motorized levels are needed as there are no song/scene changes during the show.

Channel count is easy because what I do is create 8 auxes that combine various signals and ultimately return onto 8 different return channels - these 8 channels are the only 8 channels/faders that the musicians need control of - no page changes or anything needed here. For instance I do all key channels to an aux that then returns onto a single fader - so that each musician has control of all keys on 1 fader. There are many many guitar channels as well but that same strategy allows me to give them access to all that stuff on a single fader.

All to say - as long as I can get the 8 NanoKontrol faders to act as channel 41-48 sends on fader to mix 1 for example - im good to go.

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Ok, I got it!

FYI: you can sum your signals into Groups, and control the sends of these groups to your aux mixes. You you stay in the signal concept of the SQ and you won’t need 8 extra channels with an analog (or digital via Dante Card) loop back…

For Startup:
You can program a routine to “catch” the correct value (when recall a stored scene) with the nano.

I would use 3 LEDs and they show if the reader is to high, to low, or at the correct value…

One button to switch into this “catching mode” and so you do not need your iPad to find the correct position of the faders…


Interesting idea!

Hello zachrosenberg, i am the user mentioned with the SQ5 and the Akai APC Mini. Nowadays everyone has a tablet and I think in your case maybe the APP SQ4U makes more sense. The programming and inaccuracy of the KORG nano’s faders aren’t worth the hassle. With the APP, the musicians can adjust much more personally, which is not possible with MIDI. Try it out and then decide…

Cheers Gogos