MIDI Transpose Knob/Buttons

Using Bome, is it possible to transpose all MIDI notes I play from my Korg Microkey2 Air up or down by semitones, before reaching the DAW?

I failed to set it up myself so I thought I’d come here and seek help.

I want to set one of my knobs or slider on my iRig Pads to control pitch transposition on my microkey. It it’s easier I wouldn’t mind using my keyboard or other knobs/buttons.

Sadly the microkey doesn’t have a transpose feature for whatever reason.

Also, I know there are ways to transpose using MIDI fx plugins and VSTs but in a big music project it becomes a hassle to add especially if automation is needed. I want to control the pitch before it gets to Ableton.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Something like the attached should do the trick.

Translator 0.0 will set the transpose value between -11 and +11. We scale CC15 on MIDI Channel 1 to achieve this. Basically the value of the global variable “ga” is the transpose amount.

Translator 0.1 transposes note-on messages and translator 0.2 transposes note-off messages. It is important not to be playing a note when you move the knob our you may get stuck on notes.

I added a MIDI thru path for the iRig so other things it sends gets passed directly through.

Here are how my aliases are setup however you may need to adjust for your situation.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

MIDI-Transpose-sjc.bmtp (2.0 KB)

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