MIDImix independent value from the same knob/fader after channel switch


have a question to the MT pro software:

My MIDImix natively sends 24 CC (knobs) and 9 CC (faders) only or 33 MIDI values.

I want to expand this to allow for 33 x 16 or 528 values. I want take up on all of these as I switch channels.

I want to change channels with 16 buttons (CC:1 till 16 in the screenshot).


My example is:


I am on channel 1 by push the button CC:1 (see the picture below)

Go from the knob CC: 16 to value 20

Now I go to channel 2 by push the button CC:2

Go with the same knob CC:16 (linked to another controller like the knob CC:16 from channel 1)

to the value 100.

If I go back now to channel 1 by push the button CC:1 - the reaction of the knob CC:16 should be first by reaching the last saved value on this channel. Here is the example value 20.


kind regards



OK, I will provide an example only, however I doubt if you want to use Mute track 8 as CC 16 MIDI CH1 as that CC is already being used by knob 1.

CC’s will be for knobs and faders for first column only and only MIDI CH1 and 2. I will use ga to track first column ch1(3 knobs and 1 fader) and ha to track first column ch2.

NO LED feedback (yet). Is that OK?


oh I didn`t see the small mistake in it. Thank you for your info. I would be channge it to another CC in this fall – the MUTE button CC:16 to CC:86.

I thank you so much for create this example, I think this would be a big help for this problem.
The LED feedback should be on antother thread I think.

kind regards

Hi Mike, try the attached.

Global variables starting with letter g-n are for columns 1-8. Variables starting with y is for master fader

Global variables ending in 0-f are MIDI channels 1-16

Global variables ending in z are temporary variables used for “currently active channel” only.

I use the global variable zz for a global bit map to determine whether to invalidate movement of a given knob when switching channels. Moving a knob past its take-up point will re-validate that knob/bit or fader only until another channel change.

I only did Column 1 on MIDI channels 1 and 2. It uses heavy bitmapping. I’m happy to do the rest for a fee if you can’t figure it out from here.




Hey Steve,

Thank You so much for help me. I will try to understand the complexity of your attached. If I can’t solve them I will of course come back to you.
I am appreciate it so much. Thanks

I just realized, I didn’t change outgoing channel on the translators under preset “Channel 2”. You will need to do that.

I will have a look to this. Thank you for the info.

It didn`t wanna run.
Nothing happens, after changing the channel2 commands. Can´t switch channel and the values didn`t react.
Openend the first project you did, called Channel-Switch-Takeup for test this one. Now I can`t bring this to run too.
If I tested this for the first time, it does what it should. Same knob, different value, react on the last saved value from the channel knob. Now I really confused…

Hi Mike,

You changed your MIDIMIX configuration. Also I DID find a few errors and cleaned up the code a bit more to make it more readable (at least for me).

Try this version. I also set it up so that at project start it goes to MIDI channel 1 and sets the knobs takeup ad mid point and the faders takeup at 0.

Your channel switchers are 1.0 and 1.1 so those are the incoming values expected to switch channels. Right now they are the first two mute buttons (with default MIDMIX config).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Whoops try this version instead. Found a few more errors on calculating the takeup value of the knobs.



Thank you for your correction.

I have tried and it didn`t want run too. I can switch channels and use the knobs. Get MIDI in and MIDI out. But the knobs aren`t independent from the channels.

If you see the video, you will find the thing I mean. The knobs didn`t go from the last saved point from the channel. They skip to the last saved physicaly point, what it shouldn`t be.

Thank you for taking your time on this terrible question, we hopefuly find a result 🙂



Were you running the a version of the file I sent? Could you make sure you had the right ports in and out opened? My a version seems to be working fine

Ah! I didn`t see that you uploaded one more project.
I have found your project “a” and have to say….

This is genius!!! 🙂

You did this man! Hope this thing runs really now. (I couldn`t find the mistake on your very first example: (Channel-Switch-Takeup from 4 days ago)
But equal!
I am so thankful to you to take your time on this and solved this thing now.

kindest regards

Here is a link to the demo I did.

The left sliders are MIDI CH 1 and the right sliders are MIDI CH 2.

You can see me turning the knobs and sliders on the far right.

I programmed my Novation Launch Control XL to put out the same values of the default MIDI Mix configuration.




Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


This is so genius!
On my MIDImix it runs perfect!
We got it!

Thank you for helping me out on this big thing, Steve.

Kindest regards