MidiMIX with Studio One with Local LED feedback

Hi Andy, I got a midimix and trying to use with studio one. while the knob and fader works good, the button is a momentary. I tried the MIdIMIx-Steve-2023-03-02.bmtp , but not successful. Could you share your version of .bmtp please?

*Update: the button toggle is working great now by using Andy’s ‘midimix.midmix.zip’ above. However, the led update not working, tried changed midi input as ‘MyMIDIMIX’ instead of ‘sounddesk → Bome Midi virtual in’, then I get momentary lights on. Is there any way to make the led toggle too?

Are you looking for LED update toggle from Bome MIDI Translator or from Studio One?

Maybe enable logging and press a button to see what is happening when trying to update one of the LED’s.

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Good Day Steve, would like the preset 2 LED following the Preset 1 button toggle above, which on while press once and off on the second time.

Log 1 with Midi input ‘Sound Desk → Bome Midi Translator 1 Virtual In’. No light at this stage

Log 2 with Midi input MIDI Mix, momentary light appear

So the original build was relying on mapping of same CC from controller back to note numbers sent to MIDIMIX from the application.

For local feedback (through Bome MIDI Translator Pro) things are quite different.
We have to look at the LED state of each button bitmap and then send the appropriate note message back to the MIDIMIX to turn the given LED on.

The attached will do the trick.
I disabled the feedback preset back from the application (preset 2)
I added an ‘Init’ preset to set the global variables and initial state of the LED’s
I added a MIDIMIX to Local Feedback Preset.
For updating the LED’s I look at the global variable ga which holds the button state bitmap. I’m only tracking the state of the 2 bottom rows (16 buttons). I toggle the state of the buttons as before using translator 1.0 which updates the button bitmap in the global variable ga. However after updating the button state, I use translator 3.0 to initiate a repeating timer to refresh the state of the 16 LEDs. The actual refresh timer is translator 3.1 and it maps the button states (located in global variable ga) to the desired note numbers to turn on or off the correct LED. With any button press on the bottom two rows, all 16 LED’s are updated to their current state.

Now with all that said, if you want Studio One to instead control the LEDs instead of Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you will likely need to go back to the original preset (2) Instead of preset 3. Most DAW’s will handle the toggle or non-toggle function as appropriate for what you are doing with just sending a note-on message so if there are some particular functions you want each button for in Studio One, you will have to let me know. In most cases, for a DAW you would set the buttons to notes instead of CC and use the same note number for outgoing as you want for feedback.

I’ve set up the aliases as follows:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Attached is the project file. I’m also splitting this post into a different thread since it is using Studio One with Local Feedback instead of SoundDesk with remote feedback.

I’m also attaching the MIDIMIX settings file for completeness.

MIdIMIx-Steve-2023-06-21-Local-Feedback.bmtp (4.0 KB)

midimix.midimix.zip (640 Bytes)

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz


On this forum we provide tips and guidance for free but not complete solutions. If you are looking for something to make your MIDIMix behave like a Mackie MCU controller with Studio One using Bome MIDI Translator Pro, either email or PM me and I can provide you with a quote for a pre-built solution. Since the MIDIMIX is not as full featured as a real Mackie MCU, the emulation is not 100% but it would allow for:

  • Faders
  • Solo, Mute and Record Arm (with LED feedback from Studio One)
  • VPOTS (Pan)
  • Bank Up and Down

For the top two rows of knobs, you could set up as a separate generic controller in Studio One and then use MIDI learn for what you want to do with those knobs.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thousand thanks Steve for the help! It is all working perfectly with Presonus Studio One 6 now! This will work for every DAW users which they want to assign Midimix as a cc controller.

Below for other user reference to assign MIDI Router. In my case, button works well, but knob and fader will not work without assign MIDI Router.

*Also for other use reference, instead of LED feedback, Steve also included preset to change momentary button to on/off toggle which is important to assign toggle function on VST/plugin.

OK, I added a translator to handle knobs and faders.

Translator 1.0 handles buttons as before and the new translator (1.1) handles knobs and faders.

MIdIMIx-Steve-2023-06-21-Local-Feedback-a.bmtp (4.5 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Works perfectly! Thank you very much Steve. I believe this will help other Akai midimix users as well when they found this forum.

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