Midiplus Smart Pad Workaround?

Thank you again for this bulletproof software.
I’m hoping for some kind of sneaky workaround. I’m using a Midiplus Smartpad which works, but has the ridiculous requirement of needing to send a midi off message back to the controller before a new midi message for colour is sent.

So essentially when using Daslight I can get a colour when turning the scene on, but cannot get a ‘scene off’ colour as I have to send note off, otherwise the pad stays on

Is there a way to add a “note off” command ‘in front of’ the midi message to set the pad to the ‘off colour’ ?

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So you are sending note messages from Daslight to light up your SmartPad?
For instance you turn on scene 1 it sends a note on with the velocity of the color you want but when you turn on Scene 2, the scene1 light also stays on and you want only one LED on at a given time?

I’m just trying to figure out the sequence of events you want.

Or maybe in order to turn on a different color on the same LED, you first need to turn it off?

Do you have an example project file that you are working with that can illustrate the issue?

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the quick response, I hope this clarifies

So with a Daslight there’s a ‘scene active colour’ and a ‘scene inactive colour’ that I can use. This works well with a launchpad as I can just use the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ midi note values in daslight to set a dim green for off and a bright green for on for example.

In order to change a colour on the Smart pad, I need to turn the pad off first. So now I am limited to no pads illuminated when the scene is off , I can only use the ‘scene on’ midi value to set a bright pad, and have to send 0 to turn the pad off. But I want to send a ‘dim colour’ for ‘scene off’

Is there a way to, when receiving a command from Daslight so first send an ‘off’ then the actual midi value?

Daslight - Smartpad.png

Daslight4.bmtp (9.78 KB)


Hi, I changed translator 0.3 which I assume is what needed changing.

For any incoming note on MIDI CH 3, both a note-off (note-on velocity 0) and note-on with current velocity will be sent to the MIDIpad on MIDI CH 1.

I used Raw MIDI where

90 pp 00 - Is note-on MIDI CH1 velocity 0 (note-off)


90 pp qq - Is note-on MIDI CH 1 with same as incoming velocity.

If your device requires note-off messages in the form of

80 pp 00 then you can change the first byte of the outgoing message.


Daslight4-sjc.bmtp (9.7 KB)

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz