Missing MIDI Translator Pro Manual

A user just indicated that the trial version of MT Pro does not include the manual. While we work on fixing this, I will include a copy here.


Here is a link to the user manual until we can fix the problem with the Evaluation Copy of MT Pro where the manual was not included.


MT Pro User Manual


MIDI Translator Pro normally installs the User’s Manual correctly. The only exception is when the user chose “custom install mode” on Windows, and then deselected “Help Files”.

So if you encounter this problem, please reinstall (over-install) MT Pro, chose custom mode, then make sure all checkboxes are ticked:


Not so, I did not select custom install nor de-select “Help Files” during install. I did a default click-through install. I can confirm that manual is installed but doesn’t open. Returns a message “Error(016): Cannot show file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bome MIDI Translator Pro\manual.pdf” on both trial and paid versions. Re-installing does not fix the issue. Manually locating and opening the file from the install directory works fine but I would expect that clicking the “Help” button would open the help file either inline with the BOME GUI or open in the user’s 3rd Party PDF viewer or compatible browser. This is why I assumed it hadn’t installed, as clicking the “help” button returns an error.

Interesting. Seems that on your computer, MT Pro somehow cannot find the PDF viewer. Which program do you use for PDFs? Which Windows version are you using?

I normally just use one of my internet browsers (chorme/firefox) as a PDF reader. By default on windows 10 (Home Edition), I don’t think there is an associated PDF reader; whenever I click any PDF from my destop, it asks how I want to open it – I would click Chrome or Firefox and it would open. With MTP pro, no such message, just a script error message saying file cannot be shown (in the MTpro GUI).
*As a workaround, I simply manually located the manual.pdf, right-clicked it and changed the default program to chrome and tried again, it opened flawlessly next time I hit the help button.
Not sure why the MT manual was being treated differently from other PDF’s which I open from my desktop – maybe it’s a permissions error and the way it\’s being called, because of the install program-files directory privileges? Maybe as solid fix would be to include a basic PDF reader, in-line with MTpro, just to read the manual and negate the dependency/possibility of the manual not opening for first-time users who have a clean install of Windows?

Hi Peter, thanks for further testing and reporting. The difference is that when opening a file from Windows File Explorer, it adds further checks if a viewer is installed.

Integrating a PDF viewer would be a possibility, but not so easy as it seems. At this point, we just require a PDF viewer application being installed on the computer. Maybe MT Pro can be smart about it: if the normal way to show it does not work, launch a web browser to show the PDF.


Hi everybody, is there also a manual in german language in the purchased version?
Thanks, Helmut

It is only available in English language as far as I know.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist