Hi Everybody,

I have a problem using my NOVATION LAUNCHPAD MKII.

It has buttons which are all configured to MOMENTARY buttons (sending ON Note when pressing and OFF when releasing button).

For my application I need to translate them to TOGGLE buttons (sending ON when pressed, and OFF when pressed a second time)

I have found some topics in here which intend to create a rule with ga=ga^1 etc. but this does not work because it also counts pressing of other buttons in...

Is there a way to translate them?


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The short answer is that each button you use, will need a different global variable. Since there are 80 buttons on a LP Pro (if I remember correctly), you will need to use 80 global variables (unless you use bit mapping which a more advanced subject).

Global variables are ga-gz and g0-g9 through na-nz and n0-n9 and ya-yz and y0-y9 and za-zz and z0-z9. More details on global varibles in the Bome MIDI Translator manual (Help or F1) within the application.

So for the first button you can use ga=ga^1 for the second, gb=gb^1 and so on.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist