More than 127 notes and two midi controllers with dot2

Somehow I do not find actual infos about this :

1)Is it (in the meanwhile) possible to expand the 127 notes when using bome and dot2 on PC? Only find links to midiox (which I don't understand, and I like a lot of other functions in bome mt pro)

In dot2 on PC "midi input" I only can select one time 'bome midi translator" and not "bmt 1" and additionally "bmt 2", if this would be one part of the solution (or is there a workaround in dot2?)

2) How to change the outgoing notes when using two midi controllers so they don't have the same note numbers.

(I also have the same midi note at my "xtouch minis" fader and a button on this one device...)

3) are there tutorials to this problems? (my searches did not help, maybe wrong search words)

Thanks a lot in advance


I believe dot2 will only recognize one MIDI input port but yes, I believe it will recognize notes on different MIDI channels if you need more than 128 notes 0-127.

Say you have 2 controllers that each put out 0-127 on MIDI channel 1

On input to MT you would connect both controllers but set up mapping for the second one to send notes on MIDI channel 2 rather than MIDI channel 1.

The first controller you would just create a default route from controller 1 to BMT 1 (assuming you don\'t need to do any translation, however use translators instead of you need to).

The second one you could set up a translator to take anything from that controller on channel 1 and convert it to output to BMT 1 (same) port on MIDI channel 2.


This video should provide additional assistance in how to map channels.


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thank you for your answer,
somehow now i got a note number changed (for a start using only one channel with 128 notes)
ingoing note 27 to outgoing note 127.
Had to change the ingoing channel to channel11 which ”Xtouch Mini” is using. Outgoing channel doesn’t seem to matter (ch 1 or ch11 works). Cause unchanged notes worked fine, i did not think about changing the channel.
But when changing the outgoing note number then i have to also set an extra note-off translator, right?
More important to know,
do i have to do a translator for every note i want to change or can i maybe transfer more together, like ingoing note 1-27 to outgoing note 100-127?
On the other hand, i did not get more midi notes through 2 channels (Nanopad2 at channel 1, xtouch mini at channel 2) if i did it right, don’ know. but just change the outgoing channel from xtouch controller to 2 makes no difference in dot2, so only 127 (128) notes visible. other programs use artnet and dmx instead of midi to dot2, maybe that’s the way to get more notes, or?

Hi, please see the the attached project file.

I am using 3 aliases as follows:

Controller-1- Launchpad MINI Incoming Port

Controller2 - APC MINI Incoming Port

dot2 - Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 Outgoing(I have DOT2 set to BMT 1 which is the short name for the same virtual port

I have one thru path set. Controller-1 -> dot 2

I have 1 Preset which defined incoming as Controller-2 and outgoing as dot 2

I have 4 translators.

The first one translates incoming note-on on MIDI CH 1 any note set note to pp and velocity to qq

Outgoing is Note-On MIDI CH2 note pp and velocity qq

The second translator does the same but with Note-Off instead

The third translator takes any CC in (my controller here has faders) on MIDI CH1.

Again CC# is pp and value is qq

I have 1 rule to exit rules skip outgoing action if the velocity is 0

Outgoing for this is Note-On MIDI Channel 3 Note pp and velocity qq

The forth translator handles the same but sends note-off if velocity is 0, again to MIDI CH 3

See attached screen shots.

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Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist






Hello Steve, thank you for your detailed information. With your list of settings, i should get 2x 0-127 notes or 1x 0-255? Both i don't get. Did you try it with Dot2 on PC ? also tried in vain to adapt your attachment file....
Maybe i still did something wrong in bome...

What i tried on the other hand, is change the note numbers from my nanopad (normally they start with 36 to 99).

My XTouch starts vom note 0 to 47, but then two banks 8x cc encoders and 1 cc fader makes translated additional 18 notes: 47+18= 65notes Xtouch Mini

So my Export Rule is only:


gn is variable for any ingoing note

go is variable for outging note

makes nanopads starting note 36 +30 to now note 66

nanopads last note 99 +30 is 129 (and also 98 will be 128) those two notes i cannot use in dot,

but could use these touchpads (in bank4) for outging MOUSE Clicks ...

In addition a same translator with "note off"


and btw,

your program itself is awesome, even if i am not able to understand everything it can do...

you can do almost endless things with bome mt.





I see unlike GrandMA, dot2 does not have the ability to configure different MIDI channels. I think your only recourse would be to set up your second controller for MIDI show control and then use Bome MIDI Translator to translate incoming notes from you second controller to various MIDI Show control commands.

And in answer to your question about multiple translators needed. Not necessarily.

For instance the following single translator will translate incoming notes 0-20 to outgoing notes 50-70. It is just done with simple math.

Incoming: Note-On MIDI CH1 any note set to pp and velocity qq


If pp>20 then exit rules skip outgoing action


Outgoing Note on MIDI CH1 note pp with velocity qq


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist