Mouse Control with Non-Rotary (finite) Encoders/Fader

I’m able to get mouse control from Maschine’s rotary encoders if I set them to relative. (using the preset found here

If I set the encoder to absolute, they behave strangely, changing direction only when the CC value crosses 64.

I’d like to use the fader on a Korg Nanokontrol to control mouse movement but I get the same “absolute” behaviour described above? There is no “relative” option for the Nanokontrol faders or knobs. Is there a way around this?


wow, I figured it out.

not the most elegant, but it worked. i used loop midi to send gc out then back in to a translator for the mouse movement. since it’s a mouse, I don’t need the calibration so I may delete part.

I based it off of the preset from this tutorial.

Here is my modification:
Absolute-to-Relative-MouseControl.bmtp (2.1 KB)

This is a fine program, sir. I’ll be happy to support it with a purchase!

Hi, glad to see you have it working!

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