Mouse scrolling

I have successfully setup an encoder on my Push 2, with BMTP, to use as a scroll wheel with Studio One. My question is, is it possible to have a greater resolution? I have tried changing the numbers from 10 to 1 in BMTP but each "click" still has the same resolution.

eg; moving a fader in Studio One with one click of a mouse scroll wheel is 0.4 dB, I am trying to get a finer movement. Regardless of what value I specify in BMTP I still get the same range of movement per click.

Hi, if you cannot get finer resolution with one click of the mouse, look into the mouse setting of the operating system. On Windows the screen should like the attached. Just set vertical scrolling to 1 as shown. You will not be able to get any finer resolution than the host operating system allows.



Thanks Steve, I’m on Mac 10.13 and did have a look in system settings but couldn’t find anything

I think it is under Mouse Settings and scrolling speed. Set it for slowest to get most resolution (and slowest scroll).