MPC Live hardware / Set up a DAW Controller with missing Controller Messages

I’m a completly newbie in programming Midi and it needed a long time to come the result, … if I really want to use a controller how its necessary, I have to do it for myself!
I’m a bit nervous, because I couldn’t find a similar post that anyone is trying to setup an Akai MPC or Force for playing without any Software!;I found someone who decoding Akai Fire Controllers Midi Implementation to set it up with a useful Midi mapping, including RGB support!
This guy is a profi!
Okay, I have an Idea to figure out the Implementation for the MPC Live that I can compare and implement / translate missing functionality!

  1. I will try to look what is outcoming from the MPC Live!

To compare I will use the MPC Live in Controller Mode to control the MPC Software! I hope
there is a DAW support and I can Monitor the outgoing messages too, so perhaps ts more easy for me to see what messages are missing!
Till now I didn’t any program midi! I read about, … would be nice to get support from you!? I’m really happy to have the Midi Translator Pro and the Bomebox!

Greetings grom Germany

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Forum!

For testing before you decide to purchase, you can always download the the trial version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro It is fully functional except it times out every 20 minutes.

You can define the MPC Live device and other MIDI devices as incoming in the project file and monitor the messages they send with the log window. You can also set up MIDI thru paths so you can monitor MIDI traffic in both directions with your MPC live software (on any DAW). I’m assuming however that the software will allow you to define different than the default MPC Live hardware ports as input as you would need the software to talk to MPC controller via virtual MIDI ports.

I’m here to help if you are stuck with something.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hello Steve!

I’ve already purchased the Translator Pro and the BomeBox! Over 1,5 years I thought about this! Its not what I prefer, but there is no other way I think to learn and to program!
Perhaps in a shorter time you 'll create a.tool wich scans the Protokolls and implement all missing tranlations, messages in only one process! I have a question because Midi 2.0! Is it possible to update some of the existing Midii 1.0 Devices?

In my case I will see what the hardware MPC is sending!
I’m glad to have the MPC DAW Software!

  • Is it possible to save the traffic in a list? And if I have both I can send it to you, or into the Forum?

  • At first the incoming messages!

  • If the MPC Live runs in Controller Mode, there is no possibility to trigger anything from the MPC! I can set the 2 Midi Ports, …!
    But important is the difference between what they support! The Main Problem are the different ways the manufacturers program their Midi!
    And I evrry time think about the lots if garbage what.we produce!
    So a Controller is old after a short time! And because no one of us users ( the most ) don’t think about it, all these devices are ready for the Junkyard!
    And I really can’t understand that Akai has not implemented the same controller functionality!
    And when I see the tutorial "Set s Midi Controller to MPC Live, they don’t tell anyone about these problems!

I need that abolute Controllers know the values of the parameters they were mapped 2 days ago without datajumps and out of control!
How are these message called, who will shared after loading the project and all values are synced because the MPC sends it or the controller grab them?
The mapping itself is saved with the project! This is okay!
And the RGB lightning, these are the problems I have!
I think if I have success at the first time it could be very motivating!

Best regards, Klaus

Hi Klaus,

  1. There is no “automatic” way to determine a protocol. Each message has to be evaluated 1 by 1.
  2. There are almost no devices today that implement MIDI 2.0 as it is a new standard. So for now and probably the next several years at least there will be a lot of MIDI 1.0 devices out there. Bome is working to implement MIDI 2.0 to help as a bridge between MIDI 2.0 standards and the existing MIDI 1.0 devices.
  3. To make LED’s to update on an external controller from the MPC Live, MPC Live needs to provide MIDI feedback for incoming messages sent to the MPC Live hardware. We could then track the values in global variables to update LED’s and prevent jumps. Most of what we can do really depends on the feedback sent from the MPC Live hardware.

Since I do not have MPC Live hardware, there is no way I can test this for you. You would need to capture the log (in both directions) for each specific knob/button you want so that it can be evaluated an translators written. I can provide an example of a few controls and how it is done for free (included Bome Support) and then you would need to take this forward to complete the project. If you want a completed project, I’m available for fee based hourly services. For this project I would need the loan of an MPC Live device or would need to include the purchase price as part of the project fees. My research shows that MPC Live Hardware is close to 1000 USD but maybe a used one on eBay would be less expensive.

If interested in fee based services, drop me an email.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: