MT is outputting nothing from one device, but is from another

Have had MT pro for a while and it has been performing fantastically.

Today it just stopped outputting anything when triggered from one fo my input devices. Receives MIDI fine, but will not pass any midi out/thru or keystrokes out.
Checked the log its shows the input and the focus is on the intended target. Have attempted to reinstall with no luck.


Device #1 Footswitch Takes Midi input and sends nothing

Device #2 Midi keyboard Takes input and sends both Midi out and Keystrokes

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Could I have a look at your project file?

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SCratch.bmtp (16.0 KB)

XMit.bmtp (9.4 KB)

either of these

Well, I’m not sure what is happening but here are some suggestions for what might be going wrong.

To see what is happening, open your log Window. and check the boxes
Incoming, Outgoing, MIDI IN, and MIDI OUT.

If you see MIDI IN, but no INCOMING, then the translators are not set up correctly for the MIDI messages you are sending, perhaps the wrong MIDI channel or note number

If you do not see MIDI IN, make sure your alias is set correctly to the incoming device. Also make sure that no other application is trying to access the same device as on Windows, only one application can access a given MIDI port at a time. You might need to go into your other applications and close the incoming MIDI port there. You applications should not access your device directly as if they do, they will block MT Pro from using it. Your application or device should go through Bome MIDI Translator using a virtual port instead so that they can get the translated output from an otherwise unused port. If you want MIDI through you can add a static MIDI through rout in the Bome MIDI Translator Router. by drawing a line between the devices as shown below:


Note that a translator can have the option to either Block (Swallow) the original MIDI message or let it through the route.

Then review this tutorial about about device selection.

If you still aren’t getting there, come back to me and open one of your projects and then show me a snapshot of your log window.

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Looking further into your projects, for outgoing keystrokes, make sure the desired application has focus first. I usually do that by having an translator to have outgoing action to focus on your application. Then another translator with the same incoming trigger to send the keystroke 10-20ms later.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

Just pulled and reseated all the cables and restarted everything from scratch… seems to be working now…

Thanks for the insight on the Swallow Passthrough, that streamlines one of my major functions…

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