MT Pro 1.9.1: UI Scaling on macOS Ventura

I am on Ventura 13.5 and Scaling option doesnt’ change visualy and whatever choice I do it remains at 100%, whatever setting I try

Hi Julien, thanks for reporting! I can confirm this is a bug in 1.9.1 build 1057.
On Windows, it works fine, and we have had it worked during beta testing on macOS.
We’ll report back here once a fix is available.

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seems that it may have never worked on macOS and there is no (easy) way to enable it. At this time I don’t see an alternative to disabling this setting entirely. MT Pro will always use the MacOS system scaling/retina setting.

In that case, it makes sense to remove this configuration from the UI.

yeah, that’s what I meant with ‘disabling’ it. Thanks.

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