MT Pro catching keystrokes while running in the background

Is there any way to have MT Pro catch keystrokes while it is inactive?

Yes, it should unless a different program is also catching keystrokes. It should capture even when minimized but it needs to be running.

It would be great if MT Pro can catch keystrokes while running in the background. I have a music app that does that, and it is very convenient. If I don’t want the app to catch keystrokes, the ESC key will disable the fuction.

I don’t understand: MT Pro does catch keystrokes when in background. Or do you mean to ”swallow” keystrokes?

It can catch them and process them just like any other midi message except in this context swallow is not applicable as there are no default routes for keystrokes.
Swallow is a flag (check mark) you can set up on a translator if you don’t want a given midi message to be passed to its default route.

Thank you Florian and Steve. I tried it again, and it works just fine. MT Pro does catch keystorkes even when it is not focused.

Good, glad I could help!

Sorry that I am coming back with the same issue. This is what’s happening; When I use an audio plugin host called Gig Performer, it gets keystrokes to midi from MT Pro running in the background just fine. However, when I use VSTHost or another vst host program, MT Pro must be focused for these apps to receive keystrokes to midi from it. The funny thing is that if I have both MT Pro and these apps run in the backgroud, then the apps receive keystrokes. In fact, I can type in a web browser, while the keystrokes to midi from MT Pro get delievered to these apps… I uderstand that the issue is not with MT Pro, but I’d appreciate any input.

Hi Chris, I’m not entirely sure on this so I put the question on Florian but I’m speculating that perhaps Bome might need to be the last program started to reliably capture the keystroke. So try starting your VST first the Bome and see if it works (pure speculation here).
My theory is that program that last access the key capture process takes ultimate ownership of the key stack. Mind you again this is just a theory which I have not tested. Again, Florian might have a better idea so perhaps he will chime in and assist as well. In the meantime, you have something to experiment with.


Hello Steve,
I think I found a solution in this thread All I had to do was start MT Pro with admin privileges.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I missed it.

Hi Chris, that’s interesting! will keep in mind when someone has a similar problem. Thanks,