MT Pro crash

Hey guys,

Played my first show running MT Pro this weekend and it went flawlessly except for one small hitch during soundcheck. I use a redundant rig and MT Pro crashed on the B-computer shortly after I booted it up. Thankfully, it was stable during the show, but naturally, I'm nervous that it crashed at all. I've attached the crash log. Any insight you can provide about why it might have happened would be much appreciated.



Hi Mobley, was this the same system that was getting MIDI pauses before where you had to add some AppleScript as a work-around to fix the issue?

It’s a different machine, but it’s an identical MTPro project

Hi Mobley,
it’s a long time that a real crash was reported! That has highest priority for us, we do everything we can to make MT Pro as stable and robust as possible. Thank you for the crash log.

Anyway, your crash happened in GUI code, i.e. anything related to the display of the program. MT Pro uses Java for the GUI (not for the MIDI engine), and it comes with an own optimized version of Java, where it crashed. However, I’ve seen that you have installed Java on your computer and there is some kind of interaction with it from MT Pro which should not happen. Maybe that caused some kind of incompatibility. I will check.

So the good news here is that the crash did not happen in the MIDI engine and is therefore unlikely to happen during a performance.


Is it possible that the other problem Mobley reported regarding MIDI pause on his other machine is related to this Java issue? If I remember, the MIDI would pause but if he change the active window (via mouse click or ApplesScript,, it would clear the pause action. Maybe we should compare Java versions to see if there is a compatibility issue between MT Pro and his version of Java.
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yes, that might be the same cause. MT Pro should never use any other Java than the one it ships with. Everything else is bound to show compatibility issues. We’ll look into this.

I’ve had two more crashes in the past month, I’m afraid. It took me a while to get the log files off of my show computer, but here they are.