MT Pro with Windows XP and Cell phone or tablet

hi Steve.

could any form of Bome translator work on a cell phone or tablet? or

is there a way to have 2 instances operating on the same XP computer without the two interfering with each other?

(eg… I have classic translator installed on an XP computer. I open one instance and set it up as a straight “thru”
ie… the Winamp player is set in the control panel to output directly to the external USB adapter, which feeds MIDI into a splitter, and then one of the splitter outputs feeds through the MIDI input of the USB device back into the computer. This is where the first Bome translator sends it THRU to the GS wavetable. The purpose of the splitter is so other external devices can receive the MIDI signal at the same time.) This step works perfectly. I save the project.

I also have an original DX7, which cannot choose which chanel it receives. It receives and tries to play all chanels equally, notes, controls, and prog changes… This is where the second Bome Translator comes in. Using a second USB adapter, I get a second feed of the full MIDI signal from the splitter and feed it into the computer. I set up a second Bome project which takes in the full signal from the second USB adapter and filters out everything except the chanel 15 program changes (I play the DX7 live, so all I need from the MIDI system is the prog changes to set up the sound that the DX7 will make, and that has been programmed on chanel 15). This step works perfectly when done on its own. (I proved that by using a second computer with that project installed on it.)

So, I know the two steps work individually, but when I open the first step, then minimise it, and then open the second project similtaneously I get an error message that says USB(1) is already busy… but I programmed the second project to receive input from USB(2)… so I dismiss that message and the installof project 2 install continues, however the name at the top of this second instance suddentl changes to Project 1…

I close everything down and restart the computer. Then I go straight and open Project 2, and it says that the input is from USB(2). I can’t open a second instance without project 1 settings taking over.

Is there a way to open 2 instances, on one computer, or am I cursed with having to carry a second computer just so I can use my DX7.

Also, as I said earlier, can any Bome Translator work on a cell phone or tablet to do the filter function.



No, MT Pro is for Windows or Mac PC only. There is currently a beta version of Bome Network, however for iPhone and iPad. I’m not sure when it will be released. If interested, please request on our Contact Form.

The last supported version for Windows XP I believe is 1.8. I believe that there is a way to run 2 instances simultaneously but not 100% sure. I don’t have it loaded on my PC to test. On my version (1.9) and previous (1.8.4) there was an option to allow running multiple instances and I use this all the time. There are a few restrictions for doing this with some new features (new command line options of 1.9), but other than that I haven’t run into any issues. In the manual there are also some tips on how to run your own instance of MT Pro.

According to your description, your project looks like the below. I have a few questions. Why is MT Classic in the picture. What is it doing?

I assume MT Pro Instance 1 has some translators? What is it doing? Can’t you use a single instance of MT Pro to do whatever it is does for GS Wavetable and then use other translators in the same project to handle the Channel filtering for the DX7?

I suspect your issue ties mainly to the settings I described earlier, however I do not remember if 1.8 allows for multiple instances, however there may be a way to do this setup with one instance, but I’m a bit confused on this as I don’t have a complete picture.

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Hi again Steve.

There seems to have been some confusion about the system set up. Please look at the diagram below.

As you can see there is no MT Pro installed. The only thing I have installed is MT Classic.

The first instance of MT Classic is to connect the full MIDI signal (coming back from the splitter through USB1 MIDI-USB adapter) to the GS Wavetable.

The second instance is to filter out all MIDI signals coming into the computer through USB2, except #15 Program Changes. These are sent back out through USB2 which converts them back into MIDI signals and sends it out to the DX7.

In fact, Steve you might have solved my problem without knowing it. If I also install MT Pro into my computer, and have MT Pro doing the task of instance 1, and have MT Classic doing the task of instance 2, then maybe the two different programs might not interfere with each other. Does that sound like a good theory? Does MT Pro work on XP? and yes, I know that if you do a project on one MT it doesn’t work on the other.

You might ask why I am using XP instead of a later version of windows… 2 reasons stand out.

  1. the MIDI system in the later windows has considerably less voices. MIDI files containing a lot of activity that were created in XP (and operate well under that system), run out of voices when played on later versions of windows. Only half of the notes are being played.

  2. the sounds in the older system have more fulllness and sweetness, which is more suited to the music I like to perform. The sounds in the later windows versions are more suited to the music of today. They are too bright, thin and punchy. The drum sounds lack the tone of real drums. Snare drums sound like a gun firing. As I said, it suits the music of today, but doesn’t suit the music I like to play. Thats why I prefer working with the older equipment as long as I can.

I’m 3000km from home at the moment so I can’t try any of the things we are talking about, but I will be home on friday.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.



Awesome description and diagram!

I’ll check with Florian. I think MT Pro 1.8 is the last version supported on XP and I think we can provide a download link if you purchase it. You would likely only need one instance of this anyway which should simplify your configuration. MT Pro allows multiple inputs and outputs and routing where MT Classic does not.


Could you advise if there is a way he can buy MT Pro (older version) to run on his Windows XP machine.

BTW - Sooner or later you know you will need to move on from Windows XP as it has been unsupported by Microsoft for some years now.

Also, you will be missing out some great features included in newer versions of MT Pro. You might want to explore if there are some ways to do what you want on newer version of Windows or Mac OS.

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It is Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.8.0 (as mentioned on the version history page). At the moment, you can request it manually from us using the contact form. The trial version 1.8.0 is available here:

MT Pro will work much smoother than two instances of the Classic version. In fact, you will not need any Classic instance running, because you do can all the MIDI routing and translation from within one instance of Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

To run two instances of Classic, there is a trick:

  1. using Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bome's Midi Translator Classic
  2. create a copy of MidiTranslator.exe: for example, mark MidiTranslator.exe, Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V directly afterwards. Rename the copy to e.g. MidiTranslatorThru.exe.
  3. You can drag MidiTranslatorThru.exe on the desktop or something to easily access it.

Now both .exe programs should work independently.

But, if things are working with Classic, by all means stick with it!

Hi Steve. Yes, I’m sure MT Pro can do all I need, but can Windows, as I explained last time.

I’ve also considered getting another external MIDI sound module that has enough voices, and the right sounds. Then the computer would only need to play the winamp and run the MT Classic as the DX7 filter… 1 instance… so I could use the newer Windows.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help and inspiration. I’ll see how I get on.



Thanks Florian, You’re a genius.

My friend sent you a postcard (from Darwin, Australia) back in the early 2000s and we gratefully used your magic translator program up until he died almost 10 years ago. Now I’m getting back into it and I’m trying to work out how he got it to work…

Thanks again to yourself and Steve.

Best Regards…


Yes I understand. I think you are off and running now, right?

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

Yes, thank you Steve. I got a message from Florien and he gave me some guidance also.




Even though this is a slightly older topic… but whoever is stumbling on it, I wanted to share the news that we’ve released Bome Network for iOS and iPadOS now:


Thanks Florian. I prefer to not work with Apple products, but would be happy if you did one for Android Cell/Tablet…