MTP could be use for control Youtube for example by midi foot pedal board?

MTP could be use for control Youtube for example by midi foot pedal board? i like to use my fcb1010 for example or my mvave chocolate, for control play, stop, speed etc…etc… on youtube or vlc or other video app. It could be great when i study a song with my guitar with my hands stay on guitar without leave it for move mouse or keyboard. Like Vidami Controller. Vidami Blue | Wireless Video Looper, Page Turner & DAW Control Pedal
i ask it before buy MTP. thanks.

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Hi, you can focus your application with Bome MIDI Translator Pro and then send keystrokes with a short delay. These shortcuts are available for Youtube.

In my example, I have YouTube running in the Chrome Browser. And I’m assuming the last browser tab that was focused was a YouTube tab. If not, you can also send Chrome the shortcuts you need to get to the correct tab for YouTube.

In my short example I’m using Note 0 for play/pause and have not programmed any other keystrokes.

For focusing chrome, I’m using any incoming note on MIDI CH 1 with no delay. For Play/Pause I add a 20ms delay to give time for the application to focus. You could change the incoming triggers to anything that work for you but remember, to make sure the focus action always happens before the keystroke action.

Youtube-PlayPause Example.bmtp (1.1 KB)

You can try it out with the trial version of MT Pro. The trial version is fully functional but will just timeout every 20 minutes.

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