MTP, Error(017): (NullpointerException)

I just received this error after the interface locked up for a couple of seconds:
I could still save my file but the interface is pretty much toast.

When I clicked another preset the whole right side properties bar went grey.

This is on a pretty big project with 132 presets and all but 7 global variables in use.
After a restart of MTP everything was back to normal and nothing was lost, but I thought I should report it anyway.

It happened while trying to use the capture midi window.
When I pressed a couple buttons on my midi controller, only a couple showed up.
When I tried to close the capture midi window, the errors appeared and the GUI started misbehaving.


Thanks for reporting! Could you send a crash dump if available?

See instructions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

I wish I could send you a crash dump, but none was created since I just clicked save and closed down MTP. The only errors I could see were the ones I posted.

wow, what a mess! Thanks for reporting. In general, the user interface is strictly separated from the MIDI Translator engine, and this seems to be a UI only error. But one we haven’t ever seen. We’ll look into it.