MTP hangs at launch on macOS

correct. Though I think that it would be good idea to (also) save it in the project file.

To be honest, I would say that the flood of incoming messages at load time showed a design flaw. The engine shouldn’t try to process incoming MIDI messages while it is still loading the project file.

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Any news on when this fix will be released as an actual update? My Beta copy expired yesterday and I had a brief panic attack when I was no longer able to use MTP to control my MIDI studio.

Luckily, I found you had recently posted a different Beta to the same link you provided me earlier and installing that version allowed me to extend the beta period.

However, I think having a valid release would be better than going through this experience again and relying on Beta software that could possibly break other things.


Karl, I fully agree! we’re in the process of finalizing/validating the next version of MT Pro and release it when done.

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