MTP - how to set up a dial please, MIDI in =MIDI out

I'm finding this a bit complicated so I'm not really sure how to phrase the question.

I just want the MIDI output of a dial to match the physical input when I turn the dial. Basically, I just want the MIDI dial to act as a MIDI dial, eg: input=output.

My MIDI dial that goes from 0-127, I want the physical turn to correspond to the MIDI output.

I need to somehow set the input as a variable so when I turn the dial, it outputs the variable. I did have this working by using MIDI messages but since I was advised to change the settings, I'm not sure how to achieve this again. I was using:

Incoming MIDI message>Raw MIDI/System Exclusive>B1 22 xx Outgoing MIDI message>Raw MIDI/System Exclusive>B1 22 xx

Now I see options for "Channel/CC/Value" instead of just "B1 22 xx" and not sure how to replicate what I was doing before with the system exclusive messages.

Sorry for such a basic question again. Just can't seem to find the answer. Thanks.


Thanks for asking! There are many out there that probably have the same type of question. Many people here are new to MIDI so we are here to help.


The first B in the first number indicates it is a control change. The first 1 means MIDI CH 2 (MIDI CH1=0 MIDI CH2=1 etc.).


The second number is the controller (CC) you want to change and is represented in Hex of 22 which is decimal of 34 so CC 34.

You can either find a hex (AKA programmers) calculate to do the conversion or simply type “22 hex in decimal” on a google search and it will calculate this for you.


The last is a variable xx is a local variable which you will capture on input and then use for output.


So input would be Control Change on MIDI CH2 any value set value to xx

Output would be Control Change on MIDI CH2 value xx


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I got it working eventually. For anyone else who is facing the same issues….

For input:
I had to set Channel to “1-Channel 2”
I set CC# 41 (0x29) to CC#:41
I set Value to “Any Value”
and set “Variable” to “go”

For output:
I selected MIDI Message>Control Change
MIDI Channel had to be set to “1 – Channel 2”
CC#: 41 (0x29) was set to CC#:41
Value was set to “go”