MTP Routing issues with Finale

Hi I’m running into some issues with midi routing for Finale, the music notation software.

I understand that if I want to use one midi keyboard for multiple applications, i need to create virtual ports, which can be created and routed in MTP. I have these apps running at the same time, BOME MTP, Studio One, Finale, and Pianoteq. I feed my midi keyboard to MTP first which goes into BMT 3, BMT 4, & BMT 5 (1 & 2 are used for other things). I assigned within the respective applications as followed

S1: BMT 3,
Pianoteq: BMT4
FInale: BMT 5

S1 and Pianoteq works just fine, but Finale persistently gives me a
‘Unable to open selected MIDI port. This may be due to another application using the same port’
I know that no other application is using BMT 5 because I tested with a blank MTP project with nothing but the routing as attached. I tested this with Musescore 4 in the same setup
Keyboard Routing test.bmtp (858 Bytes)

S1: BMT 3,
Pianoteq: BMT4
Musescore 4: BMT 5

and Musescore 4 works just fine. So I’m inclined to believe that Finale has some weird MIDI routing internally that I’m not savvy enough to understand. The only time where my midi keyboard works with Finale is when it’s the first app to open. But I need MTP to be opened first to split my keyboard into virtual ports so I can use it with other apps. Even if it’s just MTP and Finale opened, MTP opened first & Finale second, Finale will prompt me with the message mentioned before.

The bizarre thing is when Finale is the only running program, my midi keyboard works regardless of which MIDI input I select. For example, in the attached image of Finales option to choose MIDI I/O, I chose BMT 5 (my keyboard is the Icon) and it still works even though it shouldn’t because MTP is not running. Now I’m thoroughly confused.

My goal is to have all my apps open simultaneously but Finale seems to just refuse to cooperate for some reason unless it’s the first to be opened. If anyone has any idea what might be happening, please enlighten me. Much appreciated.

Well the only thing I can figure if you are getting MIDI while MIDI Translator is not connected, is that Finale must be looking at other ports as well. What does the screen look like if you click ‘Advanced’? Also, I’m ready that they have their own underapplication drivers built in. Maybe you should connect MT Pro to Finally through that driver rather than BMT 5?

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Can I trouble you to link my to where you found info on that ‘underapplication drivers’ Unfortunately I have never heard of that and thus don’t know how to access it and a quick google search doesn’t seem to yield results. This might just be what I’m looking for

Also that is the image when you click “show advanced” normally everything under the OK button isn’t there

Look at where it talks about interaplication ports.