Multichannel on/off and cc translator

Hi there,
I wonder if a bomebox can translate both note on-off and cc midi data sent from a single channel midi controller to midi out.
Besides… I want to activate/deactivate each translation via cc commands sent to BomeBox on channel 1.
For ex.

cc 13 ch1 activate/deactivate translation ch.1 —> ch.2
cc 14 ch1 can activate/deactivate translation ch.1 ----> ch.3
and so on…

I need this for 16 channel and I want to be able tu use at least 4 channel translation at the same time.

Is it possible with BomeBox and its software?
Might I encounter some lag problems?
Polyphony is needed for at least 6 notes.

Thank you very much

Hi and thanks for joining the Bome Community!

Without additional software, BomeBox is a simple MIDI router as well as a network router so there is no translation. However if you also buy Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you can develop your translations on a PC or Mac and then upload the project file to BomeBox for execution. So to do what you want everything you ask is possible with a BomeBox pluse Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

BomeBox can handle multiple USB controllers with a USB hub attached and also has 1 MIDI DIN In port and 1 MIDI DIN Out port. Each attached device has the capability of 16 MIDI channels and the BomeBox is optimized for minimal latency. For best performance, we encourage using either USB or ethernet… You can use Bome Network to move MIDI data between your BomeBox and any attached PC’s or Macs on your network.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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