Multiple bomebox-net streams?


I noticed that multiple midi streams are now supported in Bome network and BomeBox.
So, is it possible to have multiple BomeBox - Net ports / streams from a single BomeBox too?

I mean, I see that it’s possible to have BomeBox receive directly from devices connected to Mac running Bome Network (+unlimited named ports), but can I translate inside BomeBox and send back to that same device connected to my Mac while keeping this midi separated from “BomeBox-Net” midi stream?

That would require the ability to create virtual ports / streams in BomeBox too, right? But I could’t find any info on this. I will purchase unlimited named ports if it enables this feature.

Thanks for your help.


Virtual Ports or Remote MIDI ports are not yet supported on BomeBox but are planned for a future release.

To get a message to a specific DAW port on a computer from your BomeBox, you would likely need to encode the message as a Sys-EX on the BomeBox side (using MT Pro Project), send it to the computer network port (shared) and then on the computer decode the Sys-EX (again using MT Pro) to redirect it to the desired port on the computer.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Glad to hear that it’s planned.