Multiple changes by shift+selection

it would be a great addition to make mapping alot faster…
if… we could change multiple selected translators within a presets,
change all selected translators by midi type(cc,note,channel/value)…
multi Name change would be also a welcomed addition re-translators

this would be such a big time saver
currently… the shift+selection works well with duplication/move and everything in the right mouse menu… the multi selection of cc/note/channel/value only modifies the last selected translator

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Yes, I think I have seen this request before and it is on our list of requested improvements. As a user, I’m also interested in this type of functionality. I will let our developer know, just in case.

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thanks SteveC

i wanted to add extra additions to the multiple selection… having thought about things…
when needing to remap within Bomes midi albeit sharing personal mapping within Bomes translator pro…
sharing mappings to other users who also have purchased BMTP…
one of the issues users will be faced with when i share a mapping… is the adjustment of shared mapping so as not to conflict with their already mapped midi setups…

So the multiple selection and changing of all selected translators… will indeed save on the tediousness of going through each translator and changing the needed midi-elements to prevent clashing or duplicated midi messages

please also include specific ports/devices for filtering as part of the multi-selection


In the meantime, I tend to do a lot with global variable and rules and less translators.
There are other techniques to reduce time to modify a project file if it is well written.
For instance, I use one translator to handle 8 faders using rules.

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would love to see the example… of the use of global variables with the single fader…

i tend to use activate/deactivate presets to remap encoders/faders/buttons etc etc
I havent quite grasped the concepts of global variables, timers etc goes a bit over my head… itll come with time & seeing/manipulating and including more examples into my projects

Sure, the following illustrates how to convert CC input messages to Mackie MCU Fader messages on all 8 Mackie tracks.
We set up rules to control the incoming channel CC triggers, conversion to Macke MCU pitch bend messages (which is what is they use for faders) and also to send a Mackie MCU touch/release message.

Here are the rules in the translator

// Look for channel 6 only
// Mask channel
if rr!=5 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// Lets look at CC 8-15 only
if pp<8 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
if pp>15 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// Adjust channel for Pitch Bend
// Now pp will be 0-7
// OR it with 0xe0 to get Pitch Bend message
// tt=0xe0|pp
// Since pitch bend is 14 bit we will use
// qq for both MSB and LSB
// fader touch message is note on
// set which note based on fader moved

I set up aliases so that if another user uses a different physical controller or port, they can redefine the aliases.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

If you want more control on how to select the incoming and outgoing ports, you can define device selection at the preset or translator level.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

The outgoing message is a MIDI raw message so that the same translator can handle touch, move and release.

// touch message
90 uu 7f
// pitch bend
tt qq qq
// release message
90 uu 00

CC-to-MCU-Fader-Example.bmtp (1.6 KB)

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