Multiple notes on in 1 line

Hi Guys

What is the most elegant way to embed note on information in 1 line eg raw midi or is this bound to a single entry and you have to use multiple translators?


The easies way is to use raw midi.


For instance note-on note 1 on MIDI CH 1 with velocity 127  is 90 01 7F.


The MIDI channel is 9x where x is MIDI channel minus 1 0=1 1=2 etc.

The 01 is the note number

The 7F is for hex for 127


So if you want both note 1 and note 2 on MIDI CH 1  you would use something like:


90 01 7F 90 02 7F


For note-of you would use

80 01 00 80 02 00


If you are doing a bunch of notes and iterating them, then it is probably best to use a repeating timer and either increment or decrement the note number on each repeat.


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Yeah thats what I tried a while ago...but remember it not working...ill try it again

Thanks Steve