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Hello Steve, hope you are doing well.
Need an opinion. I am using program changes to select slides in a Powerpoint presentations. Works great,. Thing is my presentation is getting rather large, whereas I might want to divide it into multiple presentations. What would you think would be the best way to change focus on different presentations? Should I build a new preset with the output set to a different port dedicating to a certain presenations? I do not think Powerpoint works with injected output.

Hi @Glenn.Bullion ,

I’m not entirely sure but I don’t thing MT Pro can differentiate between two instances of the same program so it is possible you might have to close your current presentation and the open the new presentation to ensure you are sending keystrokes to the right window. I would recommend you experiment with this.

Preset A

Translator 1 to upon activation, close the existing presentation. You might need to send a key sequence like Alt-4 depending on your application. I don’t remember what power point uses. Maybe Alt-Q or something to completely exit the application.

Then the second translator with the same trigger to open the new presentation but with a delay (giving time for the old presentation to close).

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Sounds logical, Steve. I will experiment with this.
Thanks so much.