Multiple simultaneous modifier key (shift ctrl alt win) emulation with BMT while typing on physical keyboard

I’m trying to set up BMT so that incoming midi note on/off messages emulate windows modifier keys (shift ctrl alt win) while simultaneously mixing in physical keyboard keystrokes to execute shortcuts in various applications. I have been able to do individual modifier key emulation with no problems. But I am stuck trying to get multiple simultaneous modifier emulation to work.

For example, I mapped the following:

incoming: note 35 on
rules: none
outgoing: keystroke ctrl down

incoming: note 35 off
rules: none
outgoing: keystroke ctrl up

incoming: note 36 on
rules: none
outgoing: keystroke alt down

incoming: note 36 off
rules: none
outgoing: keystroke alt up

When I use a midi controller to hold down [ctrl] (via note 35 on, translated to ctrl down, per above) while physical keyboard types a key, for example [n], it pops up a new window in many applications, which is the expected behavior. Similarly, combinations with alt (via note 36) and keyboard strokes work as expected.

But when I combine modifiers using midi and then type on keyboard it doesn’t work. For example holding down [ctrl] (via note 35 on) and then also holding down [alt] (via note 36 on) and keyboard press [del] does not trigger the windows task manager that is normally brought up when using the keyboard alone to press [ctrl] [alt] [del].

How can I make it work with multiple simultaneous modifier keys triggered with midi, mixed with realtime keystrokes from the physical keyboard? I’d like to avoid explicitly remapping every possible permutation of simultaneous combination and just be able to trigger multiple modifiers with midi while using keyboard keystrokes normally.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hi and thanks for joining the forum!

I suspect the issue is with the DEL key. Maybe MT Pro will need special permissions to process Ctl-Alt-Del

I confirmed it works correctly by sending to AutoHotKey, but I cannot get Windows task manager to popup with the same combination

Here is my AutoHotKey Script

^!Del:: msgbox cntl alt delete entered
^Q:: exitApp

The first line executes correctly when using both all keyboard, all MIDI controller or combination thereof.


Maybe try giving MT Pro Elevated permissions and give it a try. I’m not sure what side affect might occur however as normally MT Pro does not need Elevated Permission.

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Thank you, Steve, for your quick reply, on a Sunday, no less! :slight_smile:

After a little more experimentation I can see that you are right, the [del] key does appear to be an exception, as some other combination modifier sequences do appear to work with a mix of midi and keyboard action. I may look into the permissions elevation as you suggest for [ctrl] [alt] [del] but as long as the special cases are few, the standard setup should still add a lot of value for what I am trying to achieve.

Many thanks.


Good to hear that you have it figured out. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: