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We use an iOS app called the Playback app (MultiTracks Player for Live Performance | MultiTracks) to output multitrack music and time-synced MIDI data. When I installed Bome Network for iOS, the Playback app is not able to see the Bome Network MIDI ports and only lists the default Apple Network Session option.

Is this a current limitation in the Bome Network for iOS app, or should I assume it is an issue or limitation of the Playback app that we use?

Thank you.

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Community!

Bome Network will allow exposing of multiple ports from your iOS application. It is possible that the iOS application itself is only using one port. If you open Bome Network on your computer and click on the iOS name after connected, you should see any ports the iOS application is exposing.

See example below where two ports are being exposed.

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Hi Sean,
have you been able to resolve this issue?

In general, Bome Network only exposes a MIDI port to other iOS apps if a Bome Network connection is active (to another iOS device, or a computer, or a BomeBox).

(for completeness: you can also manually create a virtual MIDI port (using the In-App-Purchase Unlimited Named MIDI Ports) but I doubt that’s what you want to do here)

And maybe you have not enabled background mode in Bome Network on iOS?

Please let us know! Thanks.