Mute Groups with BMT... HELP!!!!

Hi All!!

Quick question here. I'm setting out on quite the BMT adventure with lots of hopes and dreams...and not a ton of knowledge. So Im hoping that someone on here can help some!!

What Im trying to do in this instance, is create a mute group. Heres the scenario. I have an Akai MPD226. Eight of the drum pads, will be used to play keys, and thus set to toggle from the akai unit. However, I don't want more than one note sounding at a time. So, when I play the first note (Pad 1 for eg.) it will play and latch. When I play the second note however, the first note would unlatch, and the second note would sound.

Im stumped as to how to go about this. Should all the latching come from BMT or is the toggle feature on the Akai able to work into this? Should I just handle all the LED lighting, note latching, and controller interfacing from BMT?


Also... for bonus points (and a million thanks from me) can this be made to work with a second controller. Eg. Note 1 is played from pad on the Akai, but the second note is played from a pad on a secondary controller (SPD-SX) with the mute group still functioning the same?


Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Josh,


Welcome to the wonderful world of Bome!

I would recommend Bome MT Pro to handle all of the latching and signal routing (for LED feedback)

You will need to create an incoming action for note on any channel. Set up your default inputs of both Akai and SPD-SX.

Input Any Note On any channel set channel 2 pp note to qq velocity to rr


The action for this first translator should be to turn off all notes. (or at least notes withing scope). To simplify this I would use a fixed data stream something (something like the below if all on channel 1)

80 64 00 65 00 66 00 67 00

The above is in Hex if you use channel 2 it would be

81 64 00 65 00 66 00 67 00


A summary of midi messages can be found at




Then duplicate that translator but then change the outgoing action to

Note on channel pp note qq velocity rr

If you want to change which note plays or channel or velocity you can change that in rules

For the Akai, I think you can set up default output back to your device in addition to your primary output device to get LED feedback.

Finally, the way this is set up, the last note played will play FOREVER. What was your idea of stopping all notes including last note played? You will need to create a translator for this.




Brilliant! Thanks Steve!