My Bome translator don't make the différence bitween 2 midi controller

Hello, I d’ont understand, when I plus a second Midi Mix controller, the second midi mix (2) do the job of the first plugged… I search a solution, but i don’t find…
Thanks for the answer.

Hi and welcome back!

The MIDIMIX controllers are not uniquely identifiable by the operating system if using them without Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You will see two attached and the system will assign each one a MIDI port separately. (Something like “MIDIMIX” and “MIDIMIX2”). The operating system usually determine what names to assign. At that time you can select with Bome MIDI Translator which ones you want to use in your project and how to use them. If you unplug and re-plug them, the system may or may not assign a different port number for each. Port assignment in Bome MIDI Translator Pro is discussed in this tutorial.

I hope this answers your questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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