My computer keyboard is being blocked by midi Bome

So it looks like my hotkey commands (my computer’s qwerty keyboard) are being blocked by midi Bome. I’m wondering if there is a way to have all my keystrokes pass through midi Bome. So I can still use my keyboard as it functions by default without Midi Bome opened. Thanks!

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Computer keystrokes are never blocked by Bome MIDI Translator Pro. However you can block processing of them within Bome by going to settings and checking “Ignore Incoming keystrokes when focused”. This is normally set this way because if incoming keystrokes were processed while you are programming in MT Pro, then they could interfere with how you are programming it.

You can still see incoming keystrokes if you focus on another application after opening the Bome Log Viewer anc checking “Incoming”. Any translators that are looking for incoming keystrokes will report them if they are a match.

In either case, the keystrokes still go to the currently in-focus application and MT Pro will not every block them.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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