Native MT interface inside BomeBox


Total blue-sky feature request here, but it would be awesome if, as a paid upgrade, we could have the midi translator pro editor available in a web version directly from the Bomebox UI. Being able to live-tweak filtering and routing without needing to go back and forth between the desktop app would make the feel a lot more transparent and get rid of one kind of cumbersome step.

As someone comfortable with code, I’d even be pretty happy with a slightly easier-to-read version of the .bmtp file format and a text editor with an MT signing key — maybe a .json port?

Thanks for your suggestion! As a fellow BomeBox user, I would also like this feature. I’m just not sure how much time it would be to implement the full or even partial GUI on BomeBox. I suspect it is a significant effort, but pass your request along.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi, thanks, too, for the suggestions. At this time, we’re not considering a full editor for the BomeBox, but we would like to improve the workflow of uploading project files to the BomeBox, ideally just “Save to BomeBox” from within MIDI Translator Pro.

For MIDI Translator 2, we will be using a new file format, probably JSON, so that it’ll be easier to edit by hand. An own editor with separate signing might be overkill, but we’ll enter it as a feature request.


Ah, yeah — “Save to BomeBox” would go a long way, especially if you had an option to immediately make it the active mtp project in the same action. My Blackmagic Atem Mini has this option when you use their photoshop plugin to save new images directly to the switcher, and it makes the workflow really slick.

If the format is JSON for MT2, it’s possible that you might be able to just drop in an existing JSON editor widget and only have to write the signing logic, although that might mean dealing with a framework like React, so I guess it might be a net loss overall. :slight_smile:

My thinking here is in part inspired by looking at the UI on the Blokas Midihub. They’ve gone in for a graphical UI, which is maybe better for some things and worse for others, but it does feel like it’s a bit easier for making quick tweaks. I’d love to end up with something where I could just use a tablet and browser to switch stuff up a bit, even if using the desktop made sense for deeper dives. Regardless, thanks for listening!