Need help with project to change outgoing channel #

I need to pass thru midi signals coming from a keyboard and be able send them outgoing on select channel numbers. In my application here, my receiving midi software will play a bank of music depending on what incoming midi channel 1-16 it is receiving. I was hoping to create a project(s) that takes whatever signals coming from the keyboard (notes, control changes, etc.) and pass those signals through to output midi channel 1-16 based on what channel I want to output to. I am thinking I would need 16 projects to facilitate this, changing each one as needed. Ultimately then loading this onto the BOME box for use during performances.

Can anyone give me some help with this?

Thank you.

Do you want output going to multiple channels at once or only one channel at a given time? In other words, are you looking to say take input from any channel and send it to channels 1,3 and 5 simulaneously?

Or are you looking just to direct to one channel of choice. Say any channel incoming, send it to 5?


The latter is easier to do but either can be done.

You really don’t need multiple projects as long as you have a way to tell MT Pro how to switch channels (maybe and unused controller number).



Below is an example of how to change any incoming channel to outgoing channel defined by the global variable ga.

If you want to route to multiple defined channels at once, it will be more complicated.





Thank you. After loading your project and looking at it I am still confused. Sorry I am new to this. To be clear. The incoming midi channel will always be the same. Meaning, the keyboard will be set in advance, usually channel 1 but it could be on channel 3 or channel 10. I don’t need to change that and in many cases cannot even control that, so it should allow any channel to be incoming from the keyboard. But I want to be able to take those keyboard midi signals and then output them to designated output channels 1-16, at my choosing. So I need to be able to do that in addition to having a method of sending the midi info to the project that will change the outgoing channel number.

I am sorry if I am not explaining this well, as much as I am trying.



In the attached version, I have set up 3 translators under the preset named “Control”

Translator 1 sets up outgoing channel to channel 1 by using incoming control message from CC 64 to value of 127

Translator 2 sets up outgoing channel to channel 2 by using incoming control message from CC 65 to value of 127

Translator 3 sets up outgoing channel to channel 3 by using incoming control message from CC 66 to value of 127


This is just an example, you can use any control you want to do this. You can even specify only if coming from a given device.

All that they do is change the global variable ga to the desired channels.

The translators under the preset “Notes” actually use the variable ga to direct the incoming note messages (any device any channel any note) to the desired output channel.

I have one for note-on message, another for note-off message.

The other ones are disabled right now but you can re-enable them to add additional functionality if you like.




Steve, thanks so much for your help on this. I appreciate it very much!


My pleasure, Randy!

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