Need help writing a translation for knob on Akai LPD8

Hey all. First off, i discovered Midi Translator Pro today and it's been a game changer for me. Ive been looking for something like this for a long time. My little midi controller in title has 8 knobs (they are not endless, they have a definite start/left and end/right point) and it has 8 drum pads. So far ive done something really simple: i programmed one pad to output to Next Track in spotify, and another pad to Previous Track in spotify.

Now my next plan is more essential for me. Translation for Photohop but also lightroom. It doesnt seem difficult but i am having lots of difficulties. In photoshop, CTRL+= zooms into an image, and respectively CTRL+- zooms out. With one of my knobs i want to output Ctrl+= when i turn it to the right, and output Ctrl+- when i turn the knob left. So basically i would be able to zoom in /out by turning a knob right/left.

how can i do this?

Hi something like this should work. You may need to change the incoming keystroke to that your controller sends. This can be done in translator 0.1. I'm assuming it is an absolute encoder.

If you need to center the encoder (it hits a hard stop and you need more room), I've set up another button that if hold it down will suppress output thereby letting you center it without affecting the keystrok.  If you need to change that incoming control, change translators 0.4 and 0.5.

The project will compare the last incoming value to the new value and fire a repeating timer. The timer will evalute the direction and distance you moved it and put out either Ctrl(=) or Cntrl(-) depending on the directing (translators 0.2 and 0.3).

You will need to have your application focused and active to recognize the incoming keystrokes.


Good luck.


Steve Caldwell
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I’ll try. im so new to this. i just read your post 10 times im still confused. What is ”translator 0.1” ”0.2” etc?
EDIT: oh you made a project for me! ill try this tonight thank you.

I’m using preset.translator notation. 0.1 is Preset 0 translator 1. You will see everything numbered in the project file.

Thanks for this. I also have this controller and want to use Bome to control my photo editing app, Exposure X5.

I'm new to Bome and scripting but I've gone through parts of the manual and watched the intro videos but I can't get this project to work. I've set LPD8 controller as the input device and midi seems to be working as the log shows data but I can't get it to work in any app. Do you have any advice?

Thank you.

Hi, are you on Windows or Mac? What version? Is your Exposure X5 application the focus and active Window when using your controller? I not, try that. If that doesn’t work, open up a new questin specific to Exposure X5 and post a copy of your MIDI log window and I’ll try and help further.

Steve Caldwell

Thank you for the quick response. I am on Windows 10 Pro, with latest updates. Yes, I made sure Exposure was in the front and active. I will post the question with my log file as you recommend.


The script I posted has it set for incoming CC of 28 on MIDI CH 1. Change it to CC of 1 on MIDI CH 1 and it should start working for you. Translator number 1 Zoom in our Out

Thank you very much! It’s working now. I do want to make the increment moves less extreme so that the dial needs to move more before each zoom jump. Do I just edit the timer values? Like change the gc= to a lower value? Thanks again.

We are sending keystrokes based on how far you turn the knob. If you want to send only one keystroke every timer you turn the knob, then set qq to 1 as the last line in translator 1. Of course if you keep turning the knob, it will keep sending keystrokes. If you want to send a keystroke every 5 clicks, then more rules would need to be added to ignore the in between clicks

Ok, thanks. I’ll dig into the docs and the forum.