Need non repeated sustained input on key down and nothing on key up

I’m on the trial version of midi translator and I can’t find a definitive answer on how to accomplish the settings described in the topic title. I like many others am using the program with Final Fantasy 14 for the “bard”. But I would like to use my midi keyboard for all inputs in game.

I would need, say C4, to press one sustained W key for the duration of C4 key down, and key up not to repeat W or trigger any additional inputs. A sustained input over a duration is important for emulating woodwinds but also simple things like walking.

Strangely, I have had no problem getting the game to recognize inputs for hotkeys and such, but it doesn’t recognize the walking with wasd or the tab button. However, I can type wasd and tab in the game in text input situations. Also using the key down with the repeating setting can accomplish the walking but it has the problem of infinitely repeating until midi translator crash or the stop sign button on the interface. These factors are what lead me to believe it is input duration related.

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I think you better have a key up function or your computer will get quite confused. If you don’t want computer repeat, we can set up Bome to use a timer to use a series of key down and key up instead.

There are 3 translators

  1. Translator 0.0 with C4 note-on will trigger a repeating timer ‘W’ (translator) with a interval of 100ms as set in the outgoing action.
  2. Translator 0.1 with C4 note-off will kill the timer.
  3. Translator 0.2 will send the keystroke W when running

It is important that you have the application focused so that it is receiving the keystrokes.

MIDI-to-Keystroke w-timer-repeat-2024-05-01.bmtp (1.2 KB)

Good luck!

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