Neutral Space to Click In Preset List Please

Sometimes I need to automate changes to many Translators like adding ports or changing outgoing values slightly. I do this with Timers, mouse movements and Up and Down keys .
But when trying to do these changes across many different Presets I must manually click on the Preset in the list. Because there is nowhere neutral to click in order to then navigate down via an arrow key to the next Preset. And a default window layout setting would be great for this.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will pass it along. In the meantime, you might be able to achieve what you are looking for by using keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks. See section 16.2 of the user manual.

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Thankyou, (Ctrl)(Shift)(N) did the trick perfectly. :grinning:

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There are also other useful keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl-1 will put focus on the Preset list, so that you will be able to use the arrow keys to move up and down the selected preset.
Ctrl-2 will focus translator list.
Ctrl-3 go to the first element in the Project properties (at right)
Ctrl-4 go to the first element in the Preset properties (at right)
Ctrl-5…Ctrl-8: first element of Translator…Options/Incoming/Rules/Outgoing

Ctrl-N / Ctrl-M: next/previous translator
Shift-Ctrl-N / Shift-Ctrl-M: next/previous preset

On macOS, use Command key instead of Ctrl.

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