new learner

New to Boames. I watched 2 company videos....gonna need some guidance.

I have a PreSonus Faderport DAW controller V2 2018. Its used in audio and video

production. I started the app(trial) and turned on the FaderPort(FP) and thought it would pick up on it but I didn't see I need to be active in my DAW (Cubase)..?

How do I get started with the most basic stuff here..? thanks


Do you have a FaderPort (1 fader), FaderPort 8 (8 faders) or FaderPort 16 (16 faders). I think they are all Mackie capable and my not even require Bome MIDI Translator Pro (unless you want to expand some functionality).

The manual should show you how to set it up with Cubase. At least the 1 port version does on page 18.

Here is a link to the FaderPort (1) manual and it outlines how to set it up with Cubase.


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I have it set up in Cubase but its lame..Presonus wants people to use Studio One but Studio One needs work and I went back to Cubase. I want to expand what the Faderport V2 2018

single fader can do. And I just want to learn about midi. Can I use the Faderport and your app to control within VST instruments and VST fx?? 


Something like the attached should work.

When you first open it the fader (will pass through its original Mackie value).

If you set the Fader Channel 1 and then press the Bypass button, the presets will increment so that on when you move the fader it will put out CC1. Press bypass again it will send fader value on CC2, again CC3 and again back to the Mackie default.

I used Bypass (Note On Note 3) because the manual said that Cubase is not using this for anything.

I don't have a FaderPort so no way to test it other than send MIDI and looking at the logged data.

This can be done several different ways but this was the quickest and easiest I could think of.

I set up MIDI thru path which is why there is not translator in the Pass Thru preset.

You will likely be prompted for alias. Of course "FaderPort" should be your actual FaderPort and "Cubase" should be whatever Bome Virtual Port you are using with Cubase.

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thanks. I will try to get it and learn it.

a guy at Cubase suggested this.... is this what you mean about doing it inside Cubase instead

of using Boam..???? that would very convenient...but I still need to learn about translating..

look at this.

"You could make a Generic Remote Device in Cubase and assign any MIDI CC to any function available. For the one, you have asked for, you can use:
Device = Command
Category = Project

Action = VST Preset: Next

Device = Command Category = Preset Action = Next

You would need to experiment, if the Knob is sending Inc/Dec values... In general it's always easier to assign the command to a button.


Hmm Cubase includes some sort of language like this or has some type of external file that it reads?
That would be nice. I’ve always resorted to using Mackie or HUI protocols for the main functions and using MT Pro to convert if needed.

is there a Mackie protocol app that you can get or website that will do the same thing???

where is it???is it easy to learn?? I am a midi tech beginner..

Well the ramp up time might be a bit steep. It took me quite a while for my first implementation. This is the best resource I could find for learning Mackie MCU (which is different than Mackie HUI.

The MIDI implementation section starts on page 105.


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steve, you said in your attachment that Cubase doesnt use the bypass button.

I watched the Boam gui and sure enough that was the only button not to return a cc etc.

PreSonus has it for selecting the protocol(HU,Mackie,and other ones.

Was curious how did you know that?? Did you see it off in the app too?

Why doesnt it return any data when you hit it??all the others do. Is that because its hardwired inside the box??

I saw that the master button only returned a cc when the shift button was pressed.

anyway so as long as I have those cc numbers I should be able to make something happen in Cubase..,no?  I tried using the Cubase generic remote feature ...nightmare...

not intuitive at all. It showed a list of 16 faders and then about 6 pans and then about 6

sends and I couldnt figure out which one I was supposed to select. I didnt want to affect the main fader so I couldnt get anything going on that.

I looked at the FaderPort manual that said that Bypass was not used for anything. I was hoping at least it would send out a MIDI message.


Unfortunately if it also doesn't send out a MIDI message, you will not be able to use that button for anything. Pick another button that you don't intend to us. If non are available, try a key on your computer keyboard to switch modes.


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one more thing....if I do a simple translator keystroke thing in Boam...and I use say the mute button to do controlZ......what happens in Cubase if I hit mute?? will it mute and CntrlZ,both??that could cause trouble ..or is that button now ONLY for cntrl Z??


Cubase will handle Control Z from your computer keyboard as normal. It will also handle the control Z from MT Pro.

In Cubase if you click Mute, Cubase should mute but no keyboard action will occur. Depending on how you have Cubase set up, however, Cubase may send a MIDI message back to MT Pro through whatever output port you have set up in Cubase. This would normally be to update the mute LED on the controller.


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