New Project not running properly on BomeBox

I’ve just finished the first functional version of my newest project. It functions properly on my laptop so far. However when trying to run it from my Bomebox almost all functionality ceases.

Orinigally I have the project open in disabled state - thought that may quirck the Bomebox so I tried with an initially enabled project but no difference.

The project uses 4 MIDI in/out ports:

  • A Midi mixer (BCF2000)
  • Keyboard 1 (NL)
  • Keyboard 2 (NS)
  • An Echo Port. On my laptop this is virtually connected to loopMIDI. Alternatively I hook it up to a physical MIDI interface and connect the in to the out (both work identical). This way the project handles MIDI messages without having to assign everything to variables. It is self-protected agains overflow by a the project itself. On the Bomebox I use Bome Network to send it to my laptop and then back to the Bomebox.

When I start up the project I can see that it starts up (by the log of BMT which is handling the echo port stream in this config). However nothing else seems to be happening.

I can see the project is still doing something because when I for example move a fader I still see the data coming through the echo port. However none of the MIDI ins seems to be getting any sort of MIDI data from the project.

When I run the project on my laptop it all works fine again. Am I asking something from my BB that it cannot handle? When in use on my laptop (core i7 8750H) it uses about 10% CPU with the occasional peak. I’'ve put in quite a bit of effort to keep the process load low although I have no clue how much the bomebox can handle.

I updated the firmware of the Bomebox to the latest version.

CMPU-B STABLE ENABLED 26-09-21.bmtp (470.5 KB)


I can’t completely debug scripts here, however have you taken care that if you get multiple MIDI ins looped back through Echo port that the processing is not overlapping?
For instance, upon initiation you will get 2 incoming MIDI messages on translator 10.7 from your Echo port that will call “Select Patch”. Eventually both of these messages will call 12.1 and fire " Change Patch - Process". If these actions are happening asynchronously, then strange things may happen. Also, I noticed you are using global variables with “x” which I don’t believe are yet fixed BomeBox.


Hi Steve - thanks for taking a look.

I admit I made a bit of beast here and please don’t spend your time debugging my project as that would be asking way too much of you.

The project basically has 8 processors that handle stuff coming out of the echo port. Each handling a specific set of processes. While translating the processors are locked by bitwise checking themselves into global variable y2. Everything unhandled just ends going through the preset till it hits the loop translator which sends ir back into the loop port. This goes on till the procesor is available again to process the midi message. This works well on my laptop with faders, pedals patch changes etc.

When the project is initiated it executes patch change 0 which sends value 0 to all my faders (on alias BCF2000: BA uu 00). Works when I launch the project on my laptop - yet nothing when I try the same thing on my BB. Is that perhaps something you could doublecheck on a laptop and BB without going to deep into rhe project? When I put my ‘old’ project on the BB all devices respond OK so there is no problem with those.

I can cut out all x globals as I dont think they are used anywhere else but reset all variables. I implemented Florians workaround and it doesnt give an error on those anymore. I will try tomorrow evening.


Well Translator 10.24 looks like it is sending to the direct port “loopMIDI Port” instead of to the Alias “Echo Port”, so maybe that is the issue. I doubt if you have port called “LoopMIDI Port” on your BomeBox.

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Hmm on further thinking, I’m not sure how you are going to get a loopMIDI loopback on BomeBox. You might need to send your Echo out to your PC and then have an application on your PC route the Echo Back in to your BomeBox. How are you configuring your Echo aliases on your BomeBox so that it creates a loop connection?


You are right about that translator set wrong. Not in my studio right now but ill check it out tomorrow morning. Not sure which translator that isvfrom memory but it could mess with entire functionality depending which one it is

The echo port on the BB is realized through network Midi. I send it to BMT on my laptop and back. It receives and sends the correct MIDI when I start up the BB project.

Thanks - !

This morning:

  • fixed misassigned ports
  • removed x0 to x9 and xa to xz from the project
  • project on laptop now directly uses all midi ports on the BB through bome network. Works OK everytime. So I physically change nothing changing switching the project between laptop and BB.
  • added a fader jump on startup to check if BCF is receiving. It does on laptop but no response when runnning on BB.

Its also a bit wonky that sometimes it seems to randomly unload the project or get laggy. Usually it does startup and I see the project open trigger midi in BMT (as it functions as echo port when I host on BB) but then nothing anymore.

Think ill tranfer it step by step to a new bmtp and see where it stops working.

EDIT: there is some ‘log’ stuff in my project. Can BB deal with that?

Yes, on a complex project like this, you might have to pick it apart one step at a time until you discover what is wrong. It is usually something pretty basic but can take a while to get to it. Since 1.9, I use conditional logging a lot to try and decipher what is going on. That coupled with the log filter has helped me quite a bit.

By conditional logging, I usually assign a variable and generate different Log message depending on the variable value

if zz==1 then Log “Meaningful message here pp=%pp% qq=%qq”

I usually turn off all logging if zz=0 and then use different values depending on what I want to see.

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Also available for paid consulting services: