New Tutorial Posted:Map MIDI CC to Mackie Control in Adobe Premiere using Bome MIDI Translator Pro

Here is a link to a new Tutorial, I think many Adobe Premier users might enjoy.

I will post the project file in the answer for this topic.


Steve Caldwell


Attached is the project file used in this tutorial



I added Solo, Mute, Record/Arm and Pan.

Added Play/Stop Forward, Reverse, Loop.

Also added some midi to keystroke functions. Zoom in and Zoom out.

Here is the updated project file. Again, outputs are Mackie (or Premier Keyboard Shortcuts), but you will need to capture your own MIDI input for your controller type for the inputs.



Thank you for the file and tutorial. I’m not very familiar with programing. After I have downloaded the file, I found that I can use all the keyboard shortcut, but not for the controller and faders. What settings should I change? I’m using korg nanocontrol2.

I suggest you use MT Pro to monitor the input of each of your controls from your Korg Nano Control and the use that input to convert to the current Mackie control output on the file I provided.

If you need someone to put the whole project together for you (at a fee), I’m happy to help. Just send me an email and I can provide you an estimate.

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