New user, new setup...feeling confused


I’m trying to have everything to work together and, after some experiments, I still don’t really understand when to use ALIAS / VIRTUAL MIDI PORTS. Actually, my problem come at the point where I want to put the BMT project in the bomebox. With all my experiments, it seems messy to me.

So far, I understand every instance of Bome Network Machine is an access point to everything that is connected to this machine.
The problem is => when I’m connecting iPhone or iPad with Bome Network, I can access to all virtual midi port from all computer or bomebox, but I can’t access to Virtual Midi port created in the laptop from the BomeBox.

Here is an overview of what I intend to do:



LAUNCH CONTROL XL <=> TOUCHOSC software on IPAD that is « converting » midi and sending OSC to a BEHRINGER mixer XR18




Everything should work in sync either master or slave.

Thanks for bringing any help!

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

My answer mostly discusses routing and not translation as you didn’t specify what translations you require with each route and in some cases, how and where your devices are connected.

For everything going to and from Ableton, use the Remote MIDI Direct Ports on your PC or Mac that Ableton is on. Then you don’t need any routing on your BomeBox. If you need translations it is best to handle these on your computer.

You called out two MIDI DIN devices. Are they on the same BomeBox (daisy chained) or on Different BomeBoxes? If on different BomeBoxes, the only way to differentiate the MIDI streams is by MIDI channel number.

For Launch Control XL to Digitakt? Are they on USB on BomeBox? If so, you can set up routes for those on BomeBox in each direction. If you are running a project file on BomeBox, just set up your project file with the MIDI thru routes it needs and it will take care of the BomeBox static routing for you.

For Launch Control XL Touch OSC, if your Launch Control XL is connected on your BomeBox, you could route to your iPAD main network connection which should be seen on your iPAD as your BomeBox Name. If it is on a computer, you can use Remote MIDI direct to access it from your iPad.

For iPad <-> Ableton, use the the iPad main network port on your computer in Ableton Live, it should be presented as your iPad Name.

Currently BomeBox will expose Remote MIDI Direct to iPad and computers but not the other way around. This will come in a future BomeBox firmware update. So any translations in the MT Pro project on your BomeBox will only work with the main network ports as well as with the local ports (USB and MIDI DIN). Since you have a computer in your setup, you can do some translations on BomeBox for these ports. Other translations will need to be handled on your computer with Remote MIDI direct ports.

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
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Thank you for your quick answers! That helps a lot as it confirm the way bomebox interacts in bome network. I will manage to go further with these informations and come back when I’m done or when I have new questions.

Sounds good.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: