[newbie] Transform midi faders to MCU faders messages

Hello everyone, I’m trying to make my first midi transform with MTp.

I have midi keyboard M-Audio Axiom 49 (1st gen). It has faders & knobs.
I want to control faders inside my DAW (Cubase) with my M-Audio Axiom, by MCU protocol. Because mcu can control 8 channels at once.

I setup everything correctly, bome send transformed MCU commands to cubase, but I can’t figure out, how to send specific mcu fader messages.


Hi and welcome to the Bome Forum!

Attached is a project file that will convert CC12 on MIDI CH 1 to MCU Master fader.

Most Mackie devices need fader touch and fader release message to work as the MCU has touch sensitive faders. Most other controllers do not so we emulate this behavior in MT Pro.

In the example we send fader touch 90 6F 7F to emulate touch
Then we send the Fader as pitch bend converting the CC qq to both MSB and LSB of pitch bend
For the master fader, it is E8 qq qq
Then we send fader release 90 7F 00

This is all done in a single MIDI message that looks like

90 pp 7f rr qq qq 90 pp 00
Where pp=0x6F (111 decimal), rr = E8 where 8 i for the master fader and qq is the incoming encoder absolute value. You must use absolute values for this to work correctly.

CC-to-MCU.bmtp (1.2 KB)

In the example I assign my aliases as follows. You will need to assign them when opening the project file. After that you can change these assignments as needed using the "MIDI -> Edit Project Port Aliases "Menu.


In Cubase you need to set your incoming MIDI port as “BMT 1” (if you have MT Pro set to shortnames).
You set the controller type to Mackie MCU.

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Steve thank you for such detailed answer🙏
Also, how to find right specific MCU commands?
To further scripting