NI Maschine MK3 not going into Controller Mode with Bome Box

Hello Nerds! I want to connect a Maschine MK3 via Bome Box with Ableton. The APC 40 MK2 thats also hooked up is working fine, the Maschine is also recognised by the software and has all the Midi Routes.
It just does not want to go into controller mode so i can set it up in Native Instruments Controller Editor.
Please help me!



Hi, fellow nerd :wink: Welcome to the Bome community!

This may or may not be possible largely depending on how Native Instruments designed their interface between the Controller Editor and the Maschine controller.

First, understand that anything connecting via Bome Network between attached BomeBox MIDI devices and the computer host operating system is MIDI Only.

Other USB interfaces such as HID or audio simply will not be exposed to the computer host over the network so if the interface between the Controller Editor on the host computer and the Maschine uses anything besides MIDI, then it won’t work.

Now if it is pure MIDI interface between the Controller Editor and your Maschine Controller, then you might have a chance. If this Controller Editor recognizes the devices by the exposed USB MIDI port name, then, hooking your Maschine up to BomeBox by default provides a different port name than if natively connected to the Host operating system.

For Instance my APC40 MKII connected to my BomeBox uses Bome Remote MIDI Direct ports shows up on my computer as “BomeBox2:APC40 MKII”.

You might be able to get around this by using the “Unlimited Named MIDI Ports” add-on feature of Bome Network Pro, by creating a virtual port with the exact same name as your host operating system created and then using the routing feature of Bome Network Pro to route you Remote MIDI Direct port output to your newly created Named MIDI port. The routing would need to happen in both directions so that two way communication with the controller editor to occur.

In a nutshell, however, it is much easier to directly connect your controller to your computer host operating system when using the editor and then moving it to your BomeBox when using for other purposes as I’ve had limited success with various controller editors connecting to devices remotely connected via BomeBox (or any other remote connection type of solution).

There is a similar thread on this subject from a user that wanted to connect to Novation Components (which is a MIDI editor for Novation Products and his Novation SL MK3. We went into quite a bit of detail there on how to set this up but had limited success. I was able to get Novation Components to work, however with my Launchkey MINI MK3 using this method.

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Hey Steve!!! Thanks for the quick answer! The Maschine is already set up in the Controller Editor, but its not going into “Midi-Controller-Mode” once i have it hooked up to the Bome Box Network.
I´m pretty sure its something on NI´s side of things that prevent the Maschine to go into Controller Mode. i might have to look for another piece of hardware to be able to do what i want to do…
Again, thank you for being on top of this forum…

Yes, my guess is it uses a USB HID Interface to initiate switching modes and as I said the network interface to BomeBox is via a MIDI interface only for attached MIDI devices.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:
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