No Midi Since Bome Network Mac Update (10-13-23)

I haven’t been able to get my Logic Pro (Macbook Mojave)Reaper (Windows Desktop 10) Midi networking to work since doing the latest Bome Network update 2 weeks ago.

Each computer is seeing the Midi ports just no playback from my 1st created port with 16 channels, & I’ve made NO other changes to my music software setup or music since July, I simply did the updates on both computers & booted up my work from July to test play again.

I use Mojave 10.4.6 as my very last OS for my MacBook Pro, & Windows 10 1909 as my very last one on PC, & it took long enough to overcome this Midi playback issue from back in March.

I’ve got some necessary composing to do, & this was a shocking development, so before I downgrade the software to the previous build, or start messing with things that don’t need to be messed with to troubleshoot, I just wanted to know if ANYONE else is dealing with this issue. Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry you are having problems. Bome Network is working perfectly for me since the update.

The good news is that as of Bome Network 1.6.0, there is a new monitoring feature so that you can see what is going both in and out of Bome Network defined ports. The following should demonstrate. From the Bome Network Tool Home screen, simply scroll up from the bottom (you will see a green line). Now anything going into or coming out of Bome Network swill be shown. You have to make sure i/o is selected. It is a great tool in troubleshooting.

Now if this doesn’t help. I would need to see a snapshot on each computer on the MIDI path you have set up.

-What port on your Mac is Logic Pro sending to?
(show a screen shot of MIDI out connection setup in Logic Pro)
-On your PC, on what port are you looking for incoming MIDI on Reaper?
(show a screen shot of MIDI in connection setup in Reaper)

Does Bome Network show that the computers are connected?

Are you using Remote Direct MIDI on your PC or are you simply sending everything to and receiving from the main network ports? If your are using Remote MIDI Direct, to you have the Remote port selected on your receiving system from your Mac? See the example below on where I am looking at the IAC 1 Bus 1 port of my Mac, using Remote Direct MIDI on my PC.

Are you seeing anything in the monitor Window going out on your Mac in the Bome Network tool?
Are you seeing anything in the monitor Window coming in on your PC in the Bome Network tool?

Are you using any Unlimited Named Virtual Ports? If so please show me their routing in the Bome Network tool.

Steve Caldwell
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Bome Midi Router Setup (10-12-23)
Bome Virtual Ports Setup (10-12-23)

All Screenshots uploaded here, I’m using Logic-Reaper VMIDI Virtual Out 01 only for now, with channels 1 & 2 used, in Logioc test peice, though I did endpoints for each port.

The issue is defineitely on the Logic side again, if you look at the right upper control area of Logic screenshot, there is ‘No Out’ for Midi data on playback to Reaper on Windows, even though all midi ports are checked and detected within Logic Midi (forgot to include screenshot of that), and channels 1, & 2 are selected, I also tried ALL Midi channels n Logic as another test, still no midi data shooting out to Reaper. I also tried the main Bome Network communication ports for both computers to test, still no dice.

I should point out that I’m only using the Windows side for audio, and all was working prior to the updates on both computers.

Here’s the Bome Ports setup on Windows Bome Network, everything shows on the Mac side as it should, I only use the Kawai on the Mac.

Windows Bome Remote Network

FYI, I chose to remove one of the 5 virtual ports.

First of all, in Logic Pro X, you need to select Logic-Reaper VMIDI 01 as an output port.

Then in your MIDI routing, you can delete your current routes that you are using for Logic-Reaper VMIDI 01 Virtual and replace with this route.

IN: Logic-Reaper VMidi 01 Virtual In → OUT: Logic-Reaper VMidi 01 Virtual Out

Then on your Windows PC in Bome Networ, turn on the switch as show below for Direct MIDI Remote.

Now in Reaper you can select the port as show below for your input.

‘Your Computer Name: Logic-Reaper VMidi 01’

Now if this name is too long for reaper or doesn’t show up, maybe instead of using a long name on your Mac you can shorten it to something like LRMIDI01

Then it would show as:

‘Your Computer Name:LRMIDIO1’

Windows has a limit of number of characters on a MIDI device name. I think it is 20. When using Remote Direct MIDI, the computer name is included in the device name and subsequently takes up more characters.

Also, I would advise that you go to Bome Network version 1.6.0.

It has the capability of monitoring anything coming into your computer.

See this link

Also, for some reason in Reaper I cannot see the newly created port but I have a lot of MIDI ports so there may be some limitation in the number of MIDI port Reaper shows.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

I also just found out that the latest version of Reaper (downloaded today) does not recognize changed MIDI port names until Windows is restarted. :unamused:

That did the trick, thanks! So now I have to remember how to build & arm the Logic Pro instrument tracks all over again, having to do that in both Logic & Reaper ( kept a step-by-step Word guide for Reaper!) with 2 different processes is mind-bending, but I’m now on my way thanks to you!:musical_note:

Glad to have been of help! I usually draw a picture of the flow on paper and then work myself from the beginning to the end. It will get easier after a while.

The wild card for me was Reaper’s odd behavior of having to restart the PC before it would see the new midi ports. I think they need to re-work there MIDI port scanning algorithm.