No window appears (anymore) after stating up


For some years now happily using the combination:

-Arturia Beatstep
-Midi control center (currently
-Bome Midi Translator Pro (currently
-Capture One 12
On a Macbook under OS12.2.1

I have to start the Midi control center and the Boom Midi Pro first to have the Arturia Beatstep functioning in Capture One.
Now all of a sudden Bome Midi translator doesn’t show me a window anymore after start up. It does show in the top bar though, and also in running apps. But although i never have to make changers in this app (unlike The Midi Control Center which i have to connect every first time), the app doesn’t function.

Can somebody help?
Atlhough i did save save a .beatstep file of the settings a long time ago i find it tricky to start anew.

Also, why can’t i type for more than a few seconds here without the message ‘Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.’? But that aside…


Hi, sorry for your issue. I would suggest you start by re-installing Bome MIDI Translator Pro. I would also recommend you install the latest version (1.9.0). You should be able to find the download link by logging into your account and selecting ‘Products’.

If that doesn’t fix it, please delete the setting files (not the project file). This post will tell you where it is located.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

You probably were editing the same post in two different browsers or browser tabs.

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Bome Customer Care

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