Noob here (be gentle..) I want to toggle Windows Volume Mute.

Translator Pro.

I googled the heck out of this, read through the manual, looked through the program, and can't find an answer. 

My keyboard uses the F1 key to toggle Mute/Unmute.  I've figured out the basics of assigning a MIDI input from a button on my Launchpad Mini, to the F1 key.  But I can't figure out how to toggle the 'state' of the Mute function.  I created a Translator that maps an incoming Raw MIDI message from a button on the pad (90 28 pp) to the F1 keystroke (Key Stroke, F1)

Right now, when I press the controller button it changes the state that the F1 key has set, but only if I hold the button down.   It doesn't matter if I set the Outgoing to 'Physical Keys' or 'Down.'

I want one button on the controller to toggle Mute.  I think maybe an IF/THEN/ELSE rule ("IF the system volume is muted, THEN unmute it, ELSE mute it") but I have no idea how to return the system volume mute values to the controller.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Try the attached. I put in two translators. One to send F1 since it appears that you have already remapped that key. The other one takes the next note up and maps it to the Windows Mute Key. It will only work if MT Pro is NOT focused (unless you otherwise change behavior in MT Pro settings).




Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thanks Steve,  but it appears to me that your two translators are being triggered by two different notes (buttons.)

Translator 0 is Note 40-E2
Translator 1 is note 41-F2

I want to use the same note (button) to toggle the Windows Sysvol Mute, the way my keyboard's F1 button toggles Mute.

As a side note, I see you set the Outgoings to 'Key Stroke' and 'Text.'
Does 'Text' refer to an ASCII code being sent to Windows?  Why would you choose 'Text' over ' 'Physical Keys' or 'Down/Up'?

Hi translator 0 is to send keystroke F1. Translator 1 is to send keystroke “volume mute” which works on most Windows platform. You can experiment with each. I just used different incoming notes so they would not interfere with each other, however you can change the incoming note and disable the other translator by checking it if you want. In most cases text or physical keys selection doesn’t make a difference on Windows platform except for only key up or key down, you would use physical keys. That way you can control only push down (and hold) and then release (key up).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist