Noob to Bome and I can't seem to figure out what I need!?

Just found out about this program and if it can work for me then it’s amazing. I have been trying to automate some functions but between legacy software and industry standards asking for big bucks I am at a lost.

so on to the meat of my problem
I am using a Mac shell to control a server program called “Doremi Cinema” it can output in CSS, ISE, JNior, eCNA, sr232 serial or raw to interact.
I have had minor success with Homebridge receiving json protocol when I run a command through as raw text but I can’t seem to understand how to control an open sandbox like Homebridge.
the goal is to send a signal to Lightkey but a direct signal is for some reason not working. Maybe because the raw txt isn’t OSC?
I need to tell Doremi the device IP the protocol tcp or udp and the listening port which I can’t seem to find for MIDITranslator.
and then tell MIDItranslator what Doremi is.
so now for the simple question.
the manual doesn’t go to in-depth on serial ports.
maybe this is the wrong rabbit hole.
I hope you guys can help me I’m just smart enough to learn language structure of json in a week but to thick to figure out Homebridge.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Bome MIDI Translator Pro can do serial communications but does not do network communications so there would be no IP protocol to use. Your device or software would need to open a physical serial port on your computer and use that to interact with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

As I understand you want to use Doremi legacy software to control Lightkey. I’m not sure why you are using HomeBridge here.

Here is what I anticipate you want

Doremi → Serial (RS232) on Mac-> Bome MIDI Translator Pro → MIDI → Lightkey

And then the reverse for communicating with Doremi

In both directions, Bome MIDI Translator would be responsible for translating between MIDI and serial data and we would need to know the serial data Doremi sends and receives and also set up LightKey with the MIDI signals it need.

If Doremi needs to know device IP and listening port, you might also need an OSC Server on your Mac to convert to and from OSC (Doremi) and serial (For Bome MIDI Translator Pro), but I doubt if Doremi handles OSC.

The first order of business would probably to get communications working between your Mac Shell and Doremi.

Assuming you have figured that out and that you have serial data coming in from Doremi to your Mac, you could then use that serial data and use MT Pro to do serial to MIDI and MIDI to serial transmission. The key will be figuring out the protocol needed so we know what messages to translate to and from between the applications. Is there a serial protocol manual for the Doremi software? I now this software is probably quite old since it hasn’t been in production since the Dolby acquisition of Doremi.

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thanks for the reply
I have been trying to get any program to work. homebridge so far was the only one able to see the communication with the Doremi
I really have been trying everything.
aside from buying a 400$ raspberry pi with JNior scripting.
if I could just get a pure software solution. not sure why lightkey won’t see the Doremi but i can control the lightkey with MIDI signals. the doremi doesn’t output midi so i was searching for the work around with stalled at homebridge because the app that lets homebridge send midi is broken as of 2 years ago.
the Rs232 isn’t really a great idea because getting the signal back into the M1 Mac is a project in itself.
At this point i wouldn’t mine doremi->homebridge->MIDITranslator->lightkey
as long as the job gets done.
of course the direct into lightkey would be best but i have talked to them and they don’t have any idea why lightkey doesn’t see doremi.
what kind of information can I give you?
i just want a signal from doremi to trigger a MIDI note!
I knew it bad when i figured out how to write json just to send midi in json of course the unexpected token in 0 is a problem but at lease i got homebridge to see it.
any help would be great.
but going out to more legacy devices like rs232 isn’t going to help as the information is limited and like I said I have no way of getting back into the mac aside from a diy project.
which I am headed for with led lighting seeing as we still use lights from the 60’s and control boards from the 90s. but that’s another rabbithole!

Hi, Will as I said, MT Pro does not currently handle any network protocols of any kind so your only solution here is serial to MIDI an MIDI to serial, at least with MT Pro.

I suspect HomeBridge is looking for OSC which was not invented when Doremi was an active product.

If you need OSC, you might look at Central Control which I think handles both OSC and MIDI. However if Doremi is not sending OSC, you might need to script a solution from the protocol Doremi is using using PureData.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

thank you,

it’s a shame lightkey talks to your translator and homebridge sees json from doremi if only i could get them to meet.

yeah the lightkey does OSC but Doremi doesn’t it just sends raw ascii hex and binary and of course eCNA and JNior which i can’t find anything about really.
thanks for the leads i will try more rabbit holes