Nord C1 controlling Legend EXP Newbie questions

Unpackaged the system and hooked up following tutorials.
Midi monitoring was working.
Built a translator ( Steve Caldwell fixed it ).
Modified the midi inputs and outputs using the aliases provided.
Turned on this morning and no midi monitoring ???

Update. Reset to factory setting and midi logging is now working.
Now to see if the new file will translate.

Something strange happening.
When watching the code go in and out of the translator it looks correct.
I suspect that the Viscount module has some midi implementation rules.
The first note I send from the C1 to the EXP after power cycling both units starts a slur of messy mid notes hanging. Touching the leslie speed controls creates a different mess again.
Back to reading the viscount manual again.

I have factory reset the box a number of times, but can no longer see midi messages in log window.
Reset the pc, and all midi devices.


You say you did a factory reset on the box (I assume BomeBox).

Are you running this project on BomeBox as stand alone? BomeBox does not have a MIDI monitoring feature, however you can create an additional route from whichever port on your BomeBox over to your computer via a network port and then open MT Pro and monitor the output of that network port from there using Bome Network.

Is the project working on a computer and not on the BomeBox? If so, please post the project. First you must get everything set up and working as you want on a computer. Then upload to your BomeBox and restart the project there. Then assign the aliases you want on your BomeBox.

Also after a factory reset, no project file will be selected so you will need to re-select and run the project file you developed on your computer. By default with no project loaded, All incoming MIDI messages on a given port are routed to all other attached MIDI ports (with no translation)

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks again Steve!

You are welcome!

Steve Caldwell
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