Not sure how to set this key stroke


Hello, I am not sure choose the right syntax for this keystroke outgoing action

I would like to send to cubase CTRL+ALT+R to fire a key command, then ALT+R to fire another key command
but for some reason cubase at some point understand the key ‘R’ by itself, so the record is fired for a brief moment in cubase, and this is not desired.
Should I use (CtrlAltR) or CtrlAlt(R) ?

Hi, if you capture the keystroke in the capture box it should be shown as Ctrl(Alt(R)).

You might also want to check the box Emulate keystroke slowly as some applications collect the keystrokes too slowly.


If you are also triggering this with a keystroke, remember that the original keystroke is NOT suppressed. Consequently it is good to trigger this with a keystroke that is not otherwise recognized by the operating system or generated by a MIDI message.

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Thanks. In fact the issue with what I am trying to do lies elsewhere

I would like to use a midi CC button on my streamdeck to insert a CC value exactly at the cursor playhead.

To achieve this, I am using retrospective record in cubase as following in a Bome preset

  • Step 1 : Clear retrospective record cubase key command
  • Step 2 : Send CC value (either I am always sending a fixed value or I am using a global variable to monitor the last CC value I used on my physical fader)
  • Step 3 : Retrospective record cubase key command

The issue is that the midi event is inserted either behind or beyond the cursor playhead… I think it has something to do with the latency in midi messages. Especially because I need to introduce a delay in Step 2, otherwise the macro is too fast.

I think the only reliable way of doing it is to not use a macro, but instead build a logical preset in cubase that insert the cc value at current position and just link it to a midi CC button.
That would work for my init fixed value preset.

But if I want to use my ‘insert current CC value’ preset this way, I would have to create 127 logical preset in cubase, one for every possibility. But then I don’t know how I could trigger one of 127 Bome preset based on the current CC value stored on a global variable

Maybe I should just go back to the old way, which is having a Bome preset remembering the current CC value, then manually hitting record on my keyboard and sending this current value as a regular record!

Hmm, I’ve never experimented with retrospective recording. When I search on my Cubase keystroke commands for “retrospect”, I get the following:


I assume you will be using the first one for clearing and then the last one for linear recording.

So If I understand you want to:

  1. Stop the play head
  2. Enter the first keystroke (clear)
  3. Send the CC
  4. Send the last keystroke to insert it.

From what I read it should insert the CC from the current track at the play head at the current position.
Is this what you are doing?

If I can understand exactly what Cubase is looking for maybe I can help but again, I’m not currently familiar with this function. If the play head is stopped, there shouldn’t be any problems with latency between the commands. If it is moving then the latency would be the amount of delay between the commands introduced by Bome MIDI translator Pro.

A log of your input and output with timestamps might be helpful in evaluating what is happening.

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Also available for paid consulting services: