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I’m building a giant live set that requires translating 32 buttons of Note messages per song. After completing the work, I’ve realized I need to also create a Note Off translator for each button. Feature request to include a combo Note On/Off message translator or a checkbox for Note On that also allows Note Off passthrough.

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This is an excellent suggestion! I believe it is on our request list already. In the meantime, you can use the following as a model. It uses raw MIDI to determine if it is either a note-on or note off. In this case, it does not do any change to the the outgoing note number but you can add that to the rules.

It does, however change the note off format to be note-on with zero velocity which many controllers require to turn off LED’s.

Here are the rules:

// Look for note message (either note-on or note off"
// get control byte into rr and mask it looking for note
// message
// If it isn't 0x80 then it is not a note message... abort
if rr!=128 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// Now look if it is a note off in the form of 0x80 pp qq
// Mask out the lower nibble
if rr==128 then Goto "Note-Off"
else if qq!=0 then Goto "Note-On"

Label "Note-Off"
// send note off in the form of 0x80 pp 00
// mask out control bit and get only MIDI channel
// Or channel with 0x90
// Make velocity 0
Goto "Done"

Label "Note on"
// nothing to do here, just pass the note through

Label "Done"

Adding this line to the end will change the desired outgoing note number. In this case I use 23 as the outgoing note number

// change outgoing note number

The following lines will change the outgoing MIDI channel

// Change the outgoing MIDI channel 0=CH1
// We are changing to MIDI CH 2

note-off-0x90-conversion-w-else.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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